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Yummy Pork Koay Teow Soup in Hat Yai, Thailand

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Yummy Pork Koay Teow Soup in Hat Yai, Thailand

If you looking for a good local thai koay teow soup in Hat Yai, you can try this one. Located beside the Mayflower Hotel and walking distance from Lee Gardens, this koay teow soup stall is packed at most times. As recommended by the hotel lobby staffs, we tried the koay teow soup in this stall.

I would call it nameless as the signage is in Thai and I couldn’t understand it.

It is similar to the “old school” Malaysian coffee shop where food is served at its best. As early as 8 am, the tables and chairs were starting to fill with people.

The pork koay teow soup is similar to the ones we have in Malaysia. The difference would be the soup. Served while it was hot, the pork koay teow is tasty and yummy.

Like the other usual thai stalls, there are peanuts, sugar and chili flakes available for more seasonings.

If you want something more authentic Thai, go for the clear glass noodle. It is quite uncommon in Malaysia. A bowl of yummy pork koay teow soup is 40 Thai Baht (RM 4).

If you are craving for this, please do check out the map below for directions. It is usually packed during lunch hours, go early to avoid disappointments.

“Nameless” Pork Koay Teow Soup Stall Address & Map:

167, Thanon Sangchan Road

0 thoughts on “Yummy Pork Koay Teow Soup in Hat Yai, Thailand

  1. According to the sign, its written there “Kuey Teow Ruea Chen Long”

    Kuey Teow Ruea is all over Thailand and Laos… Quite similar to “Ba Mee” here…

    1. Hi EereNoon,

      Surprisingly, this was really good. A lot of people going for this stall only. The rest was quite empty. Thanks for the tips.


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