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Popular Wantan Mee (Noodle) in Restoran Meng Shiang, Taman Yulek, Cheras

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Popular Wantan Mee (Noodle) in Restoran Meng Shiang, Taman Yulek, Cheras

It is one of the most popular wantan mee stalls in Cheras. It is located at Restoran Meng Shiang, Taman Yulek opposite another famous restaurant, Hau Kee Chinese Restaurant.

This stall is usually patronized by locals and it is usually open for lunch time only. Unlike the Singapore and Hong Kong version of wantan noodle, Kuala Lumpur’s version usually is dark in color due to thick caramelized soy sauce.

Although it is called the wantan noodle, the highlights of the dish mainly relies to the noodle, the “Char Siew” (Caramelized BBQ Pork) and its sauce.

The “char siew” in this stall is one of the best in town.

Together with right blending of the sauce, customers can wait up to 30-40 minutes for this delicious wantan noodle.

My visit to the stall a few days ago took us around 40 min to have our favourite wantan noodles for our lunch. However, the wait was worth it. The wantan noodle is tasty and it comes with a small bowl of soup with 3 small wantans. It was a satisfying meal. The price of a plate of wantan noodle starts from RM 4.xx, depending on the sizes.

Thank you Ai Wei, Hai Wei, Christine and Joyce Lee for the recommendations via Facebook. It is one of the best in Cheras!

Restoran Meng Shiang Address:
1 & 3, Jalan Kas Kas 2
Taman Cheras (Taman Yulek)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

0 thoughts on “Popular Wantan Mee (Noodle) in Restoran Meng Shiang, Taman Yulek, Cheras

    1. I stayed in Cheras so usually will eat near my place. Aman Suria is far for me also and I bet u stayed around there.

  1. Went there & waited for approximate 35 minutes in the morning. Noodles are bit dry for me as I ordered large but the pork is delicious. I still think the wan tan mee at ss2 food court suit me better.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Mine was worst, almost an hour. Pork is amazing and noodle is slightly dry as u mentioned.

      Thanks for commenting, will post something about wantan noodle in the near future (hint) and pls do come back and visit us.


  2. arrived at 12.40pm, was told food will be about 30 minutes, but came only at 1.50pm (yes, 80 minutes). Charsiew is nice, noodle ok ok, overall comment: if you happen to be around and early (before 12.15) then ok. Otherwise, not worth the travel and wait. overall rating: 7/10.

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