May 31, 2023

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Romantic Evening Getaway at Klapa Beach Club, BALI

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Romantic Evening Getaway at Klapa Beach Club, BALI


There are so many places to visit in Bali and there are always feelings I can never finish visiting them all.

Our recent trip to Bali brought me to this amazing place; Klapa Beach Club. Located in Dreamland, the Klapa Beach Club is one of the latest attractions in Dreamland and Bali.

The club house is nothing but impressive and modern. As I walked through the club house, the whole mood and feelings changed. The décor and the ambience are soothing. Once I got to the end of the passage, there it was a scenic view that portrays in front of me.

No it wasn’t my wife, no offence; it was almost as identical as the pictures I saw from a travel magazines or post cards.

In front of me was an infinity pool which faces the sea.

I really wished I could jump straight into the pool.

We ordered 2 cocktails and sat on bar which faces the beach.

From the top, we can enjoy the beautiful Dreamland beach and the beautiful sunset; not far ahead we can see surfers battling the waves while enjoying some house music playing on the background.

It felt very Zen. Klapa Beach Club is the latest attractions for surfers and sun tanners.

The beach is clean and the sand is soft.

If you are in Bali, please make time to visit Klapa Beach Club, it is perfect place to enjoy the beach, surfing and enjoy the sunset and not to mention that it is a fantastic romance getaway especially for honeymooners!

We loved the place!

Klapa Beach View

5 thoughts on “Romantic Evening Getaway at Klapa Beach Club, BALI

  1. Hi Wilson,

    If i stay at Kuta area, is it far for me to go Klapa beach?
    If i wish to go Jimbaran beach and Blue point Glass chapel too. Is all the 3 places located in different area?
    Many Thanks.

  2. Hi Phobe,

    Yes, it is far. Klapa beach is another part of Bali. Well, I’m not sure about the exact location of the 3 places but I recommend you to separate 2 days for Klapa beach and Jimbaran. Both offers great sunset view and you can visit Blue point Glass chapel during day time. Remember to bargain for the food prices in Jimbaran, try your luck!


  3. Hi Wilson,

    Thanks for your advice. You mean is good for me to stay at Klapa beach 1 day and Jimbaran beach 1 day?


  4. Hi Phoebe,

    It’s to visit, not to stay. It’s cheap to hire a van for a day for US $ 35 per day.



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