May 18, 2024


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The Locks of Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) Zhuhai, CHINA

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The Locks of Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) Zhuhai, CHINA
This picture of the week is taken at the Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) Zhuhai, CHINA. It is believed that by putting a lock around the rock bolder on top of Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) could make dreams come true. The lock must be engraved with your name and your wishes.
Locks of Shijing Mountain, Zhuhai China

You can purchase a lock and engraved it on the spot but when we were there we didn’t see the person in charge around. Our guide told us that the lock are pricey, well I’m sure he will take a huge cut from it.
There is no guarantee about putting the locks will make dreams come true. Most Chinese are superstitious and this is not a religious ritual or custom. Take it as a well wishes greeting card in the form of a lock.
Lastly, tips for people who are going to Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) in Zhuhai China from the border. Always get a legimate metered taxi rather unmetered private cars. Always bring the number of the taxi company so that you can call for taxi if you couldn’t find one.
The rock bolder is on the top of the Shijing Mountain Park, once you are up there, you won’t miss it! Have fun!

Shijing Mountain Park (珠海石景山公园) Address:
Haibin Beilu, Zhuhai
Contact: 0756-2113078 (Tel)
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:30
Price: Free; Ropeway: RMB 30 for a round trip
Getting there: Bus No. 2, 4, 13, 20, 206, 605.

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