July 24, 2024


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Alumine Neuquen ARGENTINA: Picture of the Week

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Alumine Neuquen ARGENTINA: Picture of the Week

Alumine Neuquen Argentina

This was taken last year while traveling in Argentina for four weeks. We camped at Lake Alumine for a night and after departing from Lake Alumine, we headed to San Martin and later on to San Carlos Bariloche. You can check out the some of the pictures of San Carlos Bariloche HERE. On the way to San Martin, we stopped at the roadside for a break and I took this picture. This was taken in February last year, summer time in Alumine,  Patagonia region of Argentina. Nicknamed as the “home of gods”, this is one of the pictures I took while traveling by the Andes mountains. At that time, it was chilly and it was quite surprising to see a snow top mountain during summer. This is the Picture of the Week: Alumine Neuquen ARGENTINA.

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