February 9, 2023

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Duck King at Restoran Ya Wang, Johor Bahru

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Duck King at Restoran Ya Wang, Johor Bahru

It’s really hard to find good food in JB (Johor Bahru). Please name a few good food to eat other than Kacang Phool and Mee Rebus, if there is any. In one of my working trips to JB, I ate at this place once which is very popular for its roast duck.

The place is called Restoran Ya Wang. Ya Wang in Chinese Mandarin mean Duck King. It is located at No 28, Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru. It is just within the walking distance to the causeway bridge.

The moment we stepped in, the mature waitress kept bragging about how good is their roast duck and how many times they were featured in Singaporean press.

Well, to me it is okay u know if you mention once or twice but throughout our lunch, it was quite annoying.

It didn’t take long when we started to feast with the Char Siew (Caramelized Pork) and Siew Yuk (Roast Pork). Well, the Char Siew was good but it was nothing close to the good ones in Kuala Lumpur. It was ordinary. The Siew Yuk tasted better.

Instead of rice, we compliment the dishes with egg noodle or better known as wonton noodles.

Lastly, it was their infamous roast duck. Kuala Lumpur’s roast duck is usually roasted to perfection with a darker colour for the duck’s skin. Unlike to the Kuala Lumpur versions, Ya Wang’s version of roast duck actually used herbal broth as their sauce. For that, the duck meat was soaked with herbal broth while still maintained the crispiness of the duck skin. The skin colour of their duck skin is much lighter. For that, it was a different taste experience and it was savory.

Some of my friends preferred the Kuala Lumpur version, with the rest thinks otherwise. Either way, I managed to find a decent place for roast duck in Johor Bahru. The pricing is similar to the pricing in Kuala Lumpur, most likely inflated by the Singaporean tourists.

Restoran Ya Wang:

28, Jalan Segget, 8000 Johor Bahru

Tel: 07-224 8624

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