November 29, 2023


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Victoria Harbour Past Midnight, Hong Kong

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Victoria Harbour Past Midnight, Hong Kong

Early this year, I visited beautiful Hong Kong for the first time in my life. Many people have told me about Hong Kong before my visit. Rachel visited Hong Kong twice and she was bragging about it until my visit.

I’ve seen like dozens of pictures online from friends on Facebook of Hong Kong. It is either from the Peak or the Victoria Harbour. The best Victoria Harbour view is taken near the Hong Kong Cultural Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Since I was staying at Tsim Sha Tsui, my friend persuaded me to walk to harbour. She told me that it is a short walk. Well, indeed her short walk is 30 min. After a full day in Disneyland, walking was not the best option.

We went to the Victoria Harbour past midnight, as we went for supper. To our horror, most of the lights have switched off! Sigh.
Victoria Harbour Past Midnight
To conserve electricity most buildings in Hong Kong switched off their lights. Even though it is darker than usual, the view was still beautiful. This was captured at that time and moment.
Victoria Harbour Past Midnight

Notice that most buildings have switched off their lights.
Victoria Harbour Past Midnight

“City of Lights”
Victoria Harbour Past Midnight
Now I understand why they name Hong Kong as “City of Lights”. Even past midnight, it is still vibrant! I will go again there with Rachel. Trust me, we will!




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