February 5, 2023

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Well, I must thank everyone that has been very supportive of PlacesAndFoods.com. For that, we had been nominated as the finalist of DIGI WWWOW Award for Top Makan-Makan Expert.

The event was held at KLPAC and it was packed with finalists, press and guests.

There, I met up with famous blogger Budiey from Budiey.com. Budiey blogs about celebrity news and gossips in Malaysia and I’m glad to meet up with him.

I went into the hall and I was quite nervous. I knew I only had a slim chance of winning as the competitors are too strong. After a couple of winners announced, it was time to announce the winner for Top Makan-Makan Expert.

We lost it.

Well, although I knew it would be tough to win but losing another blogging competition is somehow depressing.

On top of the award presentation, there was also top notch performance by our local artiste, Aizat. Trust me, this guy can sing!

Below are the results of the DIGI WWWOW Award:

  1. Fave Person Under 15 : Let It Be
  2. Fave Person Over 40 : Brandjontan
  3. Best Internet Good Award : Petfinder.my
  4. Online Story Of The Year : Suzuki AFF Cup
  5. Fave Malaysian Female Online Celebrity : Stacy
  6. Fave Malaysian Male Online Celebrity: Nicholas Teo!
  7. Fave Tech Head : The Techno Hut
  8. Must-Follow Personality : Anwar Hadi
  9. Online Shop Of The Year : Karysma Beads and Sequins
  10. Picture Of The Year : Beautiful White Orchid
  11. Top Kay Poh : Lee Zi Wen
  12. Top LOL : Blog Serious
  13. Top Makan-Makan Expert : Oh!Malaysia
  14. Video of The Year : Anwar Hadi
  15. Best Internet For All Idea : A.F.O Radio
  16. Blogger of the Year : Anwar Hadi

Anwar Hadi (middle) receives his award from Nuffnang’s Timothy Tiah and Nicholas Chay.

The biggest recipient of the night is Anwar Hadi who bagged 3 awards; Must Follow Personality, Video of the Year and the prestigious Blogger of the Year. Somehow, the famous blogs didn’t fare well and lost in all categories. This includes Patrick Teoh’s Niamah.blogspot.com.

After the show, I received some encouraging words from friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you Budiey, Wern Shen from Lowyat.net and Chris Tock for the support. Though there are short and but they are lovely.

Rachel and I have been always grateful to our friends, fans and readers who have been so supportive of us. We won’t give up here and we will keep on fighting! Thanks everyone.


  1. Dear Wilson,

    Anyway congratulation!! You may not get the award this time, but the winner may not always the best. Success is along the journey not necessary the destination.

    Francis Wong

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