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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Four: Four Island Tour Excursion and Visiting Krabi Town

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Four: Four Island Tour Excursion and Visiting Krabi Town

Our holiday in Krabi on day four will be only on two agendas, the four island tour excursion and visiting Krabi Town. We had three days of adventure and fun and you can read it at

Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort
Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island
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Four Island Tour Excursion of Krabi

TheThe Tup Island

We started our day four with the newest attraction in Krabi, the Unseen Four Island Tour Excursion. The excursion will take almost the whole day and we went on four islands. It was the Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang Cave and the activities include snorkeling, island hopping and beach activities.

You can read our full experience of the Four Island Tour Excursion at The Four Island Tour Excursion of Krabi. Thus we also publish this story on Gaya Travel Magazine as Krabi’s Four Islands Tour.

The four island hopping excursion was worth every penny. We recommend first timers to Krabi to take this tour.

We went back to the hotel and had a short nap. In the evening, we hired a van for 2000 Thai Baht for four hours. We decided to venture Krabi town which is 30 min drive from Ao Nang.

Krabi Town
If you are looking for authentic local Krabi food, Krabi town is the place.
There was a wet market where you can buy ready-made Thai food and products and the other was an open-air night market.
We spent almost two hours walking around the night market. They had local food like ice sticks, skewers, Thai snacks and Thai desserts. Thus, you can see their creativity on their food with combinations of colours and flavours.

There were also Thai made clothes, products, apparels and even paintings available in the night market. That’s why we spent our whole evening venturing the market.

This was our last night in Krabi, we will be flying back to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the next day so we had the drinking game again in the hotel. We were so wasted. We enjoyed our holiday since day one. Trang and Krabi are amazing places for holiday!

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