May 31, 2023

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Bed & Breakfast Lodging Manekineko at Buenos Aires

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Bed & Breakfast Lodging Manekineko at Buenos Aires

It took me more than a year to write about this place but it is never too late. I personally stayed there for a few days and a few of my friends actually stayed there for weeks in a few occasions.

I stayed in 2 places in Buenos Aires, the luxurious 5 star Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel and Manekineko. Manekineko means the Japanese “lucky charm” cat which brings good luck, business and good fortune. Most shops in Japan or even most Asian shops have a Manekineko.

Bed & Breakfast or B&B is never popular in Malaysia but it is very common in Europe and Americas. Manekineko is run by Pepe, the owner and his wife. Pepe and his wife had been very kind to me during my stay there, I loved the place. I love to chat with Pepe, even though he can speak a little bit of English, the rest were mostly hand signals. I hardly speak Spanish and yet I survived my four weeks stay in Argentina, somehow.

Manekineko is a lovely terrace house with a small garden. It is a homestay style B&B near the heart of Buenos Aires. The place is very convenient, just a few min walk to the subway station and also to a few nice restaurants. They even have a few “Mercado” (supermarket) nearby and one of them owned by Chinese.

The room I had was the single room. Clean and it comes with a small working desk and a closet.

Everyone shares the huge bathroom. During my stay there, I had a Japanese lady staying beside me. She has been staying there for months.

During night time, I usually go down to their small private garden.

At that time, Pepe fell and broken his arm so he stayed in his room most of the time.

The kitchen is huge and there is always food around. I can use the kitchen but I decided to dine out.

During the last few days, a group of Spanish girls checked in. I had a chat with them as a few of them speak fluent English. Too bad I had to come back to Kuala Lumpur early, if not I might party with them.

The house is situated near the center of the city, just two blocks from the subway so you can get to most places very soon.

It is surrounded by many well-known “tanguerias” as it is a “tango-neighborhood”; only a few blocks from our house you can find some of the most famous ones: “Anibal Troilo’s”, “Osvaldo Pugliese’s” and “la esquina de Homero Manzi”.

You can get to “Abasto” (Carlos Gardel’s neighborhood), Puerto madero, Recoleta, San Telmo, La Boca, important museums, cinemas and historical sites in around 10 minutes.

If you are a budget traveler looking for B&B homestay style, Manekineko is the place to stay. Please do check out their website for current rates (they are affordable). Most important thing of all, the place is near the subway station and just a short walk away to supermarkets and restaurants. The place is not really that far from airport as well. I loved the hospitality from Pepe’s family. If I would backpack to Buenos Aires, this will be my ideal choice!

Manekineko Address and Contact:


(0054) (11)4 9431183


3 thoughts on “Bed & Breakfast Lodging Manekineko at Buenos Aires

  1. Looks like a very decent place. Certainly a good choice for budget-conscious travellers… I’d choose this if i hv a chance to go to Buenos Aires! 🙂

  2. i love the atmosphere of this accommodation!

    cannot wait to be in Buenos Aires in Dec!
    Thanks for the share Wilson! 🙂

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