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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island

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Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island

Firstly, for your information, Trang will be having Trang Vegetarian Festival from Sept 27th to Oct 5th 2011 and please email [email protected] for details.

Secondly, I hope you all enjoy the recommendation we did on the Krabi Trang Holiday Day One: Ku La Ka Sai Restaurant, Tham Le Cave, Pak Meng Beach Resort. For our holiday day two, it will be separated to two parts, Part One and Part Two. The reason being because there are too many pictures and in total there are 40 pictures. Loading a page with 40 pictures is no fun so we break it to two parts.

The day started with breakfast in Pak Meng Resort. Since the resort is facing the sea, we walked down to the beautiful Pak Meng beach.

From far we can see some little movements on the beach. It was the baby crabs. There were so many tiny holes on the beach.

This could be one of the scenes from the National Geographic. As soon as we went there to see, the little crabs will burrow into the sands to hide and protect themselves. For that, we stood still for more than a minute and we tricked the crabs to surface up and I managed to grab a few pictures of them as close as possible. There could be thousands of this baby crabs along the Pak Meng beach. What a sight!

For some unknown reason, Rachel loves me to give her a “piggy back” ride.

We went back to the resort, packed our bags for the Trang island tours. We will be visiting Koh Chuak, Koh Mah, Koh Kradan and Koh Mook (Emerald Cave) for snorkelling.

The journey from the resort to the Pak Meng Jetty only took minutes. The landscape of Pak Meng beach is the few beautiful islands at the background.

We took a group shot at Pak Meng Jetty before we hop on to the boat for the island tour.

We went to Koh Chuak Island first. It took us almost an hour of boat ride from the jetty. It would be faster if we took the speed boat, however due to our budget we were happy with our ride.

There were already a few boats there and they were mostly Westerners. The beauty of this part of Thailand is the colour of the sea water is turquoise colour.

The island tour was packaged and provided by Pak Meng Resort. Our guide made sure we had our snorkelling gears such as mask and safety vest before we jumped into the water.

Rachel did the “giant leap” into the water. What a splash!

The girls were ready for the snorkelling at Koh Chuak Island, let’s go!

For the underwater pictures, we used the Olympus Tough 8000 Series. The camera is weather proof, shock proof and can go as deep as 10m underwater, good enough for snorkelling. We have been using the camera since 2009. All the underwater pictures are contrast corrected and sharpened.

The visibility of the water was good, I managed to capture the corals while snorkelling.

The Clown fish or more popular as “Nemo” at Koh Chuak Island and there are quite a number of them.

A school of Yellow Tiger Fish below the boat as the guide attracted them with slices of bread.

We took a lot of pictures on the surface and underwater. However I realized that we only have two gestures which are the “good sign” or the “peace sign”.

The weather was good, the water was calm. After snorkelling at Koh Chuak Island, we ventured to Koh Mah Island.

If you are wondering why are this two islands called Koh Chuak and Koh Mah? Seriously, I have no idea. I went on searching their information on the Internet but I found nothing.

We bumped to the same boats again in Koh Mah, they were doing the same island tour as us.

They were more impatient than us. I bet they were having fun like us.

Koh Mah Island is slightly bigger than Koh Chuak Island. Snorkeling at Koh Mah Island is almost identical to Koh Chuak but they have more “green corals”.

Rachel could snorkel all day long without her life jackets. She just enjoys snorkelling and she can snorkel all day long if she is in Redang Island.

The visibility in the water was good and the water colour is naturally turquoise in colour. We did two snorkelling sessions before noon and there are two more sessions to go.

Check out our part two adventure soon which involves Koh Kradan Island andthe infamous Emerald Cave(Marakot) of Koh Mook Island in Trang. There will be also fun sunset pictures in Pak Meng Beach, all of that in part two!



8 thoughts on “Krabi Trang Holiday Day Two Part One: Pak Meng Beach, Koh Chuak Island and Koh Mah Island

  1. Dear email2me,

    There is no terrapin in Trang but probably sea turtle but we didn’t see one.

  2. The whole place looks like a fantasy movie bro. Clear blue water, beautiful sea creatures and the rock structures are simply gorgeous.

  3. I came here trying to find the name of the yellow, bread-loving fish (Tiger Fish), so thanks for the info! Second time around, Krabi’s still by far my favourite place in Thailand.

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