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Ramadhan Bazaar at Paya Serai, Hilton Petaling Jaya 2011

Paya Serai offers over 100 sumptuous local delights to satisfy all taste buds

This year, I started off with my Ramadhan food review at Ramadhan Bazaar at Paya Serai, Hilton Petaling Jaya. This is my first time reviewing their Ramadhan buffet at Paya Serai.
Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton

What do you look for in a buffet? In Paya Serai, they serve an extravagant spread over 100 local as well as international delights. With100 local delights, of course I was spoilt for choices.
Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton

Start your “Buka Puasa” experience by sampling some of the scrumptious salads and appetizers like Buah Jeruk, Acar Rampai, Kerabu Pucuk Ubi, Kerabu Nangka, Taufu Sumbat, Popiah Basah, Otak-Otak and soups like Sup Ekor “Tongkat Ali” and Szechuan Seafood Soup.

Take your pick of salad ingredient and dip with a wide selection of dressing from sambal belacan to Italian dressing.

Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton

For the main course, feast on local offerings such as Ayam Kandar, Rendang Minang Daging, Fish Head Curry, Beef Rendang, Udang Berlada, Mutton Rogan Josh, Prawn Asam, Roasted Duck, Sweet & Sour Flower Crab, Portuguese Baked Fish, Ayam Pongteh, Nasi Lemak Kukus among many more. There are various side dishes and accompaniments namely Lemang, Ketupat Palas, Serunding Daging, Kacang Botol, Masala Vada, Vegetable Platter, Assorted Dim Sum and much more.
Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton

Not to leave out too, zest up your palate with the succulent Fresh Oyster, Fresh Mussel and Boiled Tiger Prawn.

Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton

In addition, the “a la minute stalls” feature an interesting dining experience with spark and flames where one can catch exciting cooking action.  To ensure the freshness of the dishes,  Kambing Panggang, Roti Canai, Putu Mayam, Putu Piring, Roti Jala, Assorted Tempura, Assorted Satay and Grilled Fish, just to name a few, are made to order.


Apart from that, refresh yourself with an invigorating drink from the “Drinks Corner” that includes Soymilk, Air Sirap Bandung, Sugarcane Juice, Barley Water, Ice Kacang, Cendol, and of course, the must-have Teh Tarik.

Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton
A perfect ending to this hearty meal is plenty of mouth-watering desserts that you simply must leave some room for, such as Durian Serawa, Bubur Pengat Pisang, Bubur Lambok, Buah Kurma, Mango Pudding, Tapai Ubi, Pisang Emas, Pulut Hitam and Apam balik with variety of fillings. Also available are cosmic selections of Malay Kuih, French pastries, ice creams, jellies and many more.
Ramadhan Buffet at Paya Serai PJ Hilton
The buffet dinner was amazing. I also enjoy the company of other bloggers like KY, Tian Chad, Audrey and Cik Lily Putih. We had a great evening with our tummies full. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment, the details are as below.

The abundant buffet is available from 7pm to 10.30pm. On the first three days of Ramadhan, the buffet is priced attractively at RM79++ per adult and RM49++ for child below 12 years of age. For the next one week the price is at RM119++ per adult and RM60++ for child, and the following weeks the buffet is priced at RM129++ per adult and RM70++ for chil


Advanced booking is essential top avoid disappointment. For Ramadhan Buffet reservations, please call 03-7955 9122 extn 4567/4261/4096.  Visit Hilton PJ’s F&B blog, www.ZestPJ.com for the latest F&B promotions and entertainment scenes.   Also, visit www.petaling-jaya.hilton.com for more information on Hilton PJ’s other products and services.


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