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Four Steps To Pour A Perfect Beer: Heineken Presents Franck Evers

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Four Steps To Pour A Perfect Beer: Heineken Presents Franck Evers

For beer drinkers, everyone wants the best out of their glasses of beers. It same goes to me, I am not picky but just want to have a nice cold beer. However, have you ever tasted a crappy beer? Well, I have and it happened in many occasions. Sometimes I asked them to change to a new one. However, if the bar is packed I rather drink it than waiting for the new one. Hence, we tend to forget about it at the end of the day and they always get away with it.

So the question is how to pour a perfect beer?

For that, I went to a beer pouring workshop event by Franck Evers sponsored by Heineken at KL Hilton.  His job is to teach how to pour a perfect beer. Sounds simple? Yes it is as he explained in four simple steps.

Ms. Jasmin Foong, marketing manager of Heineken Malaysia

Before he starts, Ms. Jasmine Foong the Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia explains, “The Art of Pouring workshop reflects Heineken’s promise of quality. Franck’s expertise is invaluable and through this workshop, he brings the art of pouring of a pint of Heineken in Malaysia to perfection level. Through our various campaigns, we hope consumers will be able to immerse themselves in the ultimate Heineken experience every time they enjoy a pint of Heineken, one that is shared by millions of fans throughout the world.”

Well said, sometimes we just need to enjoy a good beer.

Frank Evers in Malaysia

Franck said that there is a real ritual to pouring a perfect pint of beer, in fact, it is an art form. He explained that every single step makes a difference in getting the perfect pint of Beer.

And the highlight of the event is where Franck going to do a demo !
The Four Steps to Pouring the Perfect Heineken

1) Rinse – Rinse the glass in cold water before serving. And never dry with a towel as it leaves fibers behind

2) Pour -Pull the beer tap in one quick motion. Let the build up of carbon dioxide escape, control the flow of the beer and then let it spiral into the glass which is tilted at 45 degree angle
Frank Evers in Malaysia
Then move back the glass into 90 degree and close tap in a quick motion when the foam almost reaches the top of the glass.
Frank Evers in Malaysia
3) Skim – Remove excess foam with a wet skimmer held at a 45-degree angle. This leaves a thin layer of water over the foam which protects in from oxidizing. A perfect two-finger thick head of foam ensures that the beer stays fresh and cold for longer keeping it from going flat.
Frank Evers in Malaysia
4. Serve – Serve your customers quickly and with a smile. Present their Heineken in a Heineken branded glass, held at the bottom with the logo facing them.

Four simple steps for a perfect beer!
Heineken girls
Well, on top of Heineken, there are also Heineken girls serving perfect Heineken beers.
Bloggers at Frank Evers event in Malaysia

As easy as it looks, it takes time to perfect the technique. I had a great time that evening meeting up with new bloggers and new friends. In the picture from left, ME, Jess Ying, Tian Chad, Ming and Junie.

Thank you Heineken Malaysia for the invite and thank you Franck Evers for the perfect beers for us!

For more info, go to Heineken Malaysia.


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