May 31, 2023

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Total Chelsea Experience in Malaysia: Football Fever in Malaysia

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Total Chelsea Experience in Malaysia: Football Fever in Malaysia

For the past few days, I have the priviledge to experience English football or soccer fever in Malaysia. I have watched Arsenal FC vs Malaysia XI, Liverpool FC vs Malaysia XI and also Chelsea FC vs Malaysia XI.

With so much going on at the transfer market, Chelsea FC is tipped to be a strong contender for next season’s English Premier League title as well as Champions League trophy. As one of the most expensive football teams in the world, Chelsea FC arrived in Malaysia in style. They enjoyed the best Malaysia hospitality by flying with the award winning airline, the Malaysia Airlines. Chelsea FC brought their strongest squad ever only with Michael Essien missing due to injuries.

As soon as they reached their official hotel, One World Hotel, they were bombarded with hundreds of loyal Chelsea fans waiting in the lobby.

Then, I attended the press conference with other media representatives. The main of attractions of that day was Chelsea FC’s new manager, Andre Villas-Boas.

As one of the youngest and most successful manager in the world, Andre Villa-Boas expected to bring back the European Champions League title next season.

There was also a question diverted to the manager. How was the experience flying with Malaysia Airlines? Watch the video below for the answer.

Chelsea FC Press Conference in One World Hotel

I was happy to be sponsored to watch and stay with Chelsea FC. This was made possible by Malaysia Airlines with Pro Events. I stayed in One World Hotel for a few nights.

I have not stayed or review One World Hotel before so I put my expectations low. Well, to my surprise they gave me a Junior Suite.

The Junior Suite is spacious and huge. There is a living room and a comfortable bed room. There is also one LCD TV on each room.

I worked at the living room with laptop using their Internet LAN cable. There is also Internet WIFI service available.

After the press conference, I went back to suite and rest. In the evening, I went shopping at One Utama Shopping Complex which is located adjacent to the hotel. Even during late night, there are always Chelsea loyal fans waiting at the lobby trying to have a glimpse on their idols.

On the next day, I had the chance of meeting the players. As usual, the lobby is packed with Chelsea supporters. Long queue can be seen and it stretched until the elevator area.

I bought three new Chelsea jerseys for this occasion. How often I have the chance to meet all the Chelsea players and let them sign on a jersey? Even if I go to Stanford Bridge, it is tough to get the signatures of all the players and the coaches. The friendliest Chelsea player is Fernando Torres, you can read about my full experience with the players HERE.

After the “meet the player” session, I went to Stadium Nasional for a VIP training pass experience. There, I met the players again with a different situation. Read about my VIP training pass experience HERE.

On the next day, I went to watch the game with my friend Tony after my last night stay at One World Hotel. It was expected a turnout of 84,000 football fans as the tickets were completely sold out.

This time, I sat at the green zone which is located at the opposite of the VIP seats. This was my first time there. Many brought their kids for the match. Some even came prepared with their face painted.

I saw Malaysia Airlines stewardess welcoming both the Malaysian XI team and also Chelsea FC team while they exit the tunnel.
I thought it would be a high scoring game. However the game was even and many never could thought that Malaysia XI played that well. Chelsea FC won by one goal margin with a controversial goal. If not, the game could have been a draw. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game.

For the past few days, it has been fantastic for me. The total Chelsea experience is made possible thanks to Malaysia Airlines. This will be one of the most unforgettable moments in my life.







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