December 7, 2023


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Garibaldi Italian Restaurant Bangsar Village

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Garibaldi Italian Restaurant Bangsar Village

This is one of the first few food posts for this week. We have attended quite a number of food reviews this month. Next week, we will be featuring our top hotel /resort stays for the year and of course a few new travel stories.

It is coming to year end and there are reasons to celebrate it. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Bangsar, you should try Garibaldi Italian Restaurant in Bangsar Village Shopping Center located at Ground Floor.

Please do not mistaken Garibar (which is located on Lower Ground Floor) as Garibaldi even though both restaurants are under the same management. Garibar is a stylish bar and serves lighter food such as pizza and finger food.

Let me share with you a short introduction of Garibaldi.

Garibaldi is one of Singapore’s most popular and respected Italian restaurant landmarks and now it has arrived in Malaysia.

Thus Garibaldi provides a fine example of a stylish Italian eatery –modern, elegant yet friendly and dynamic. The contemporary and hip atmosphere has helped to make “Garibaldi” a classic Malaysia social gathering place.

We mingled around with the rest and nothing is better off to start with small bites like the focaccia.

Ostarica, Irish Oyster with Poached Quail Egg & Caviar, the fresh oyster was topped with poached quail egg and caviar. It could be a mouthful but the intensity of the taste was unexpectedly balanced.

*Thank you for this picture, we lost ours somehow.*

Cappasanta, Sea Scallop with Saffron Crispy Cauliflower and Tarragon Sauce, the beautifully cooked scallop was topped with crispy cauliflower and hints of the scent of the saffron.

Vitello Tonnato, Italian Cold Cuts Veal in Traditional Piedmont Recipe with Tuna and Caper’s Creamy Sauce, personally would prefer more of the creamy sauce.

Brodo Ristretto, Clarified Beef Broth with Egg Yolk and Truffle Bigne was interesting. The beef broth was cooked with egg white for the clarity. The question was what is the best way to drink the broth, to drink broth first without spoiling the egg yolf or to have the egg yolk first? The chef told us it is up to us. Thus, the broth was delicious and the truffle bigne was crispy.

Fagottino, Black Ink Squid Ravioli with Crab Meat and Sweet Dried Tomato on Potato Emulsion was another interesting dish. This was our first time having black ink squid ravioli. Cutting through the ravioli revealed fresh crab meat and sweet dried tomato.

Orata, Pan Seared Line Catch Sea Bream Fillet with Apple Black Rice Puree and Whitebait Omelette was next. The sea bream fillet was perfectly pan seared and it went well with the apple black rice puree and the omelette.

We went on with Agnello, the Roasted Tobacco Smoked Lamb Rack with Purple Potatoes, Celeriac Mash and Berries Sauce. We thought we read wrongly, roasted tobacco smoked lamb rack? Lamb was well cooked, meat was tender and the purple potatoes were sweet. Two pieces of the lamb was not enough.

Meringata, the Crispy Italian Meringue with Chocolate Chip Parfait & Dark Cherry. If you fancy crispy Italian meringue, this is the one you can go for. This is one of the best we had so far.

Sorbetti, the Passion Fruit Sorbet.

The dining experience was good. Rachel thought that we have so much to learn on Italian food. I can’t agree more with her. The eight course Italian dinner was rather new to us and we have to dine more Italian food in the near future to learn more about it.

Chef Giuliano Berta prepared the food for us. This young Italian chef has more than 10 years of experience and he has worked in various countries before he joined Garibaldi. He and another Italian sous chef created interesting Italian dishes for Garibaldi.

If you are fancy of bringing someone for this festive season or for a good Italian dining experience in Bangsar, this is the place to be. Thank you, Leonard for the invite and Bangsar Babe, Meena and KampungBoyCityGal for the company.  Great friends with good food = Great dining experience.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant Address and Contact:

Lot. 10 & G22, Bangsar Village

Jalan Telawi 1

59100 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: 03-2282 3456/57

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  1. The ambiance and attractiveness inside a restaurant are big factors on my satisfaction. The menu you showed are amazing. It is unfortunate though that I am neither in Malaysia nor Singapore. But I will definitely remember this recommendation and hopefully experience the fine dining. Thank you for sharing and hope you can visit me at derivatives.

  2. Wow, I love the what they are serving. The photos of the menu are mouth watering. I hope a branch of the restaurant would also be constructed in our area.

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