December 4, 2023


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Chuping Sugarcane Plantations Perlis MALAYSIA

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Chuping Sugarcane Plantations Perlis MALAYSIA

Last weekend we were invited to join a media trip to Malaysian state Perlis by Tourism Malaysia Perlis and travel magazine Majalah Santai. Perlis is the northernmost state in Peninsula Malaysia and it borders with Thailand.

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This is our travel trip to Perlis. Many would have thought that a day is enough for Perlis but the state offered more than we expected.
chuping sugar cane plantation5
At one of our destinations, we visited the sugarcane plantation in the small town of Chuping. Unknown to us, Chuping has the largest sugarcane plantations in Malaysia.
chuping sugar cane plantation2
Interesting enough from the top, it was hard to tell it was the sugarcane plantation.
chuping sugar cane plantation3
Each sugarcane plant is almost more than five feet tall. On the ground, the plantation looks like a scene from the movie “The Sign”.
chuping sugar cane plantation1
We were told that at the far end of the plantation is actually the border to Thailand. We did not spot any fencing near that area but there are border patrol men near that area.
chuping sugar cane plantation6
To harvest the sugar cane, the plantation will be set on fire to burn the leaves of the sugar cane. After that, the sugar cane will be cut and deliver to the factory. By burning off the leaves, it will be easier to process the sugar cane.

We use sugar everyday but we never know the origin of it. Thus, because of this trip, know we know some of the sugar we took is from Chuping. Even though we did a short stop but the education value behind it was more than we can imagine.
chuping sugar cane plantation4
This is only one of the many discoveries we made in Perlis. We will update on more tourist attractions of Perlis soon. Thank you Majalah Santai and Tourism Malaysia Perlis for the invite.


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  1. I’d been to Kangar once some years back to visit my relatives and my impression of the state capital was that it was very small and quiet. I didn’t get to visit or explore the state much and I hope to go for another round soon.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      My first time traveling to Perlis because I had some work there so I didn’t explore more. After this media trip to Perlis, there are more than I could imagine!

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