March 4, 2024


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First visit to Kansai, Japan

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First visit to Kansai, Japan

We were supposed to backpack last March but due to the unforeseen circumstances, we cancelled our trip. Then we got a really great deal with and we are now in Osaka Japan. We flew to Japan via AirAsiaX (our first time experience too).

We got a very strategic hotel via the package and we bought the Kansai Thru Pass in the airport. We bought the three day passes which allowed us to travel within Kansai area with designated trains and buses.

We always thought that traveling in Japan is troublesome but in actual fact that is not always the case. Today, we travelled to Nara via Kintetsu train line by ourselves. Thus, it was easier than we expected.

Nara is one of the most unique cities we have visited. The city is inhabited by many wild deer. The deer were everywhere. Though most of them are tamed but they are still wild animals and there is still a small possibility that they might be aggressive. However, we enjoyed their presence.

We will be in Japan until this weekend and we will update more travel tips and how to use the Kansai Thru Pass in details. We will be traveling to Kyoto tomorrow. It is late here and we will update more next week. Thank you for reading!


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