July 17, 2024


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Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Experience

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Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Experience

Yesterday, I finally experienced the Airbus A380-800 airplane. The biggest commercial airplane has been operating since 2007 since its maiden flight (commercially) by Singapore Airlines. Coincidently, I was taking the Airbus A380-800 airplane from Sydney to Singapore via Singapore Airlines on economy class.
As expected the airplane took the end of the hallway in the airport due to its double decker capacity. The airplane carries 400++ passengers and the interior is similar to A330 interior but with wider LCD screens.

I had my seat allocated at the main deck (bottom deck). I should have requested the upper deck. Anyhow it was my maiden flight with an Airbus A380.

The journey took more than 7 hours from Sydney to Singapore. As expected, there are two meals, one main meal and one snack.
There was a hiccup on the movie channels but they Singapore Airlines crews rectified it by rebooting the system. The Airbus A380 seat is similar to its other Airbus series and it works like the massage chair.
I had a few Singapore Slings during my flight and I watched a number of new movies on their entertainment channel. The airplane is more stable while cruising on the air and quieter than the other airplanes.

Overall, it was an enjoyable flight considering I’m flying on economy although I do expect more due to its hypes and attentions of Airbus A380. The Malaysia Airlines will be flying their spanking new Airbus A380 soon and hope to have a chance to experience it.


*Pictures are taken with Samsung WB750*

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