May 25, 2022

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Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument, Sydney

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Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument, Sydney

Many might have seen this monument when they walked past it in Haymarket Sydney every day. Located at Dixon Street and near Chinatown, Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument is a beautiful striking monument that captured my attention.
Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument, Sydney1
The monument is built to honour the Australian Chinese Ex-Services. It may come as a surprise to some that many Australians of Chinese descent served in the Australian defence forces and in the merchant navy. In fact, they have done so since the Boer War, and they served with honour during World War I and World War II in Malaya, Korea and Vietnam. Many still serve, even to this day.
Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument, Sydney2
The New South Wales Government, which provided the land and ran a design competition for the monument, contributed $60,000 towards the project. The Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs contributed $25,000 towards the project. The remaining $250,000 was contributed from the community.

At the end of the day, Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument is not just an ordinary monument but a landmark to respect the Australian Chinese Ex-Services for their contributions to the country and for the people. Happy Anzac Day!!!

Australian Chinese Ex-Services Monument Address and Map:

Junction of Liverpool Street and Dixon Street, Haymarket (Chinatown) Sydney

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