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Update: The store at Taman Seputeh has closed down but you still can order online.

Every time when we mentioned about, many would refer to the restaurant in Taman Megah. is a new seafood restaurant located in Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur near Mid Valley Shopping Center. The restaurant started off by catering only crab delivery services and they decided to open their first outlet since last year.

The restaurant is visible on the left from the Federal Highway (from KL towards Mid Valley) but going into the restaurant would be a slight challenge. Please do see attached map below as reference.

The restaurant does not have any fancy decors or theme and concept. It is just a simple restaurant with tables and chairs and nothing more exciting than their food and their fancy food names. The restaurant offers fresh extra large size Indonesian crabs and also home delivery within Klang Valley (please call for confirmation)
fatty crab1
The Waterfall crab was the first dish of the night. This is called the Waterfall crab is to give the impression how clear and how refreshing this dish is. The crab was cooked in a clear soup with glass noodles. Then it compliments with vegetables but the most important part is to retain the freshness and the aroma of the crab meat so the combination is light and refreshing.

fatty crab2
The Jealous Black Chicken is actually the stir fried chicken meat with bitter gourd. Due to the negative impression of bitter gourd as we were told, they prefer to name it as the jealous black chicken. This is a traditional healthy Malaysian Chinese home cooked dish due to the goodness of the bitter gourd.
fatty crab4
The Mickey Mouse crab is not about the Disneyland character but more on how this dish is cooked and prepared for the children. The 1kg Indonesian crab is cooked with cabonara sauce alike creamy sauce which was very addictive and it went well with their famous fried mantou.

fatty crab3
The Yin Yang Brocolli was something new. Instead of using “kai lan”, they used broccoli. Half of the broccoli was steamed and half was shredded and deep fried for crispiness.
fatty crab6
Fried mantous are free of charge at and it was better than having white rice.
fatty crab5
The Golden Ginger Crab is stir fried crab and topped with crunchy thin slices of ginger. You will get more taste of the fresh crab meat with hints of the aroma of the ginger.

fatty crab7
The Elephant Prawn is not a hybrid prawn with an elephant of course. It is the biggest “sang har” (big head prawn) in the market. The Elephant prawn cost RM 65 each (seasonal) and the gravy is similar to Crab Meat Shark Fins soup. Instead of using the real shark fins, they use the vegetarian shark fins which aremade from gelatin.
fatty crab8
Sea salt baked crab was our last dish. Crabs were baked to perfection with sea salt. It is the best way to taste the original flavor of the crab meat without spoiling it with any flavours than sea salt. Some might consider this as very plain but this was the best way of enjoying the crab meat at most original state.
fatty crab9
Overall it was a very good dining experience. The crabs were fresh but slightly high on prices. However, it justified with the fresh Indonesian extra large crabs. The location could be slightly hard to find for first timer but it is worth to venture. Do check out their home delivery service if you are lazy to visit to drive out for dinner. Address, Contact, Tel and Map:

62, Jalan Bukit Raja, Off Jalan Taman Seputeh,

Taman Seputeh

58000 Kuala Lumpur

Opens Daily: 4.30pm to 9.30 pm (last order)

Tel: 1-300-222-100 (Toll Free)

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    Went there twice on my own after this review. Love the crabs there.


  2. Hi Pureglutton,

    Yeah, they have funny names. They said it is easier to remember.


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