December 8, 2023


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Supper at Bubur Kwang Tung Jakarta

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Supper at Bubur Kwang Tung, Jakarta, INDONESIA

If you are in Jakarta and looking for Hong Kong style porridge supper, you can try Bubur Kwang Tung. Bubur Kwang Tung can be duly translated as Cantonese Porridge (rice congee) in Indonesian. The Hong Kong style porridge is Halal certified and packed after midnight as the restaurant operates 24 hours.
kwang tung1
It is one of those old typical Chinese restaurants with lots of frames of celebrities dining there. We quickly ordered a few dishes as we were starving.
kwang tung3
I ordered the Ice Milk Tea for 15,000 rp. The taste is similar to the ones in Thailand and prepare for sugar rush.
kwang tung2
While porridge is their star, we ordered the scallop porridge for 45,000 rp. A huge bowl of porridge came with a few huge fresh scallops within. Surprisingly the porridge was tastefully cooked, no additional seasoning was needed.

kwang tung4
With porridge, you must need “you diao” or they called it cakoe. Cakoe is 6000 rp each. It is smaller in comparison with the common ones in Malaysia.
kwang tung5
Another great side dish for porridge is “telur dadar caipo” (Chinese radish pickles omelette) for 25,000 rp. This was very well cooked and I wanted to order another plate for this. It was well seasoned.
kwang tung6
Lastly, we ordered half of steamed chicken for 80,000rp. We saw it on almost every table and we had no problems ordering it. It is slightly different with Hainanese chicken as this was slightly saltier.
kwang tung7
Instead of the traditional blended chili sauce, they prefer chopped chili with sliced ginger and spring onion with soy sauce and vinegar. This is Jakarta’s style.

The total bill came to 194,700 rp inclusive of 10% service tax. It was average based on the amounts of things we ordered for two persons.

The service was good with many attentive waiters. Hence, the food was better. I loved the omelette as well as their scallop porridge. As it is located near my hotel, I’m considering of visiting the restaurant again tonight for supper. So far the food in Jakarta did not disappoint me yet and hope to find more good food in Jakarta.

Bubur Kwang Tung Address, Tel, Contact and Details:

Jl. Pecenongan No. 67 l, Jakarta Pusat

Tel: 021-386 5688, 345 8267

Email: [email protected]

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    1. Hi Meitzeu,

      Glad to hear that but Rachel is not though. When are you coming to Kuala Lumpur?


    1. Hi Hong,

      I was told that the Chinese food in Jakarta is not that good. I beg to differ that. I thought the porridge was well cooked. You can try this!


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