February 9, 2023

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Fa Yuen Street, the Hong Kong Sports Shoe Street

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Fa Yuen Street, the Hong Kong Sports Shoe Street

Hong Kong is popular for its entertainment, food and shopping! One of their most popular shopping attractions is the sports shoe street at Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok.

We were in Hong Kong twice last year for holiday and on our second trip we stayed in Mongkok. We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui on our first trip at Guang Dong Hotel and it was closer to many night entertainment outlets such as pubs and discos.

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We preferred Mongkok on our second reason as it is near the Mongkok shopping district and also a very special dim sum restaurant. It is one of the cheapest One Michelin Starred Dim Sum in Hong Kong and it was only nearby the hotel we stayed, the Stanford Hotel.

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There are over fifty stores selling sport shoes in Fa Yuen Street. To be frank there are also other shoe outlets near Fa Yuen Street but they are scattered around Mongkok. We still prefer Fa Yuen Street.

Why do we shop at Sports Shoe Street?

The advantages of shopping there are the different of shoe brands available, choices of designs and colours, competitive pricing, limited edition shoes and convenience.

There are times many shoe brands are not available in our country. Shoes like Acupuncture, Red Wings, Dr. Martens, Vans, Asics and the list goes on. However, for Onitsuka Tiger you have to visit their flagship store at Elements, they are not allowed to carry the brand anymore as I was told.

The choices of the designs interest us as well. Many countries adopt their own strategies in the marketing by importing their shoes inventories (that they feel are sellable) and many weird or unique designs usually didn’t make into that list. At Sports Shoe Street, you can find a wide range of unique shoe designs as well as the colours. If you adore striking colours, this is the place you find your next pair of shoes.

Competitive pricing means you get the most of it. Try your luck by trying to lower down the price a bit, some might bite the bait or some might just told you off. No harm trying.

Talk to the shopkeeper and sometimes they might have one or two limited edition shoes in their store. We found some of the limited edition Adidas sneakers but without my size. At least we tried. Having everything on a street is nothing but convenient. On top of shoe shopping, you can also head over to the other streets for spending.

We enjoyed our shopping spree in Fa Yuen Street aka Sports Shoe Street. We also visited the Ladies Market nearby. Mongkok is a shopping haven!

How to get to Fa Yuen Street, the Hong Kong Sports Shoe Street:

The easiest way will be via MTR Mongkok Station, it is walking distance from the station. Exit on E2 and walk straight you will find the Fa Yuen Street via Nelson Street. Please see the map below for directions.

View Fa Yuen Street, the Hong Kong Sports Shoe Street in a larger map

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    It’s not practical to fly to somewhere to get the shoes unless you are buying more than a dozen shoes. Anyhow, thanks for commenting!


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