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PlacesAndFoods.com Live on Radio Capital FM 88.9 with Kuali.com and Asha Gill

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PlacesAndFoods.com Live on Radio Capital FM 88.9 with Kuali.com and Asha Gill

Yes, I was live on radio for Malaysian all women radio station Capital FM 88.9 with Kuali.com. This is a new segment on every Tuesday 10 am where Capital FM 88.9 will talk with food related personalities with collaboration with Kuali.com. I was one of them as a food and travel blogger.

Before I proceed as on my radio interview experience with the Capital FM, let me give you some facts about Kuali.com


KUALI looks forward to providing you with a comprehensive range of information on food and beverage together with insightful editorial in a one-stop convenient, user-friendly spot.

At KUALI, viewers can quickly and easily access hundreds of food and drink recipes. Kuali is here to solve your “What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” dilemma with great recipes from renowned chefs.

KUALI is also your site to get updates on food news, browse restaurants reviews, get useful cooking tips, research facts, convert measurements, share views, join fun contests and much more.

For more info, please visit http://kuali.com/

I have no idea what are the questions prepared for me as I entered to the all women studio of Capital FM. There I met gorgeous Asha Gill and we had a great chat before realizing we needed to be on air asap!


Picture credits to Lonely Planet, more info on Lonely Planet Six Degrees, visit www.lonelyplanet.com/

For those who forgotten Asha, she was the VJ for Channel V and also co-host of the popular TV series, Lonely Planet Six Degrees. Rachel loves her personality and her sexy voice and we followed some of her crazy adventure in Lonely Planet Six Degrees.
capital fm1

You get lots of fun in the studio with Asha Gill.

In one of my adventures in Buenos Aires, I went to the colourful town of La Boca. There I met Tango Artist Guillermo Alio who was featured in Asha’s TV series. What a small world?

Read: Argentina’s Tango Artist, Guillermo Alio

Back in the studio, we did a quick discussion on our topic and I have 5 quick 2.5 minutes segments on the half an hour program sponsored by Kuali.com
capital fm2

I believed I fumbled here and there, it could be better.

For the starter, I introduce myself as a blogger and also on my passion on blogging as a food and travel blogger.

Next, we talked about how blogs evolve with the current trend inclusive of application of social media. Not forgetting about our blog sponsorship by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tourism Australia, Tourism Tasmania and Destination New South Wales.
capital fm3

Imagine we were doing this in the studio? 

Then we talked about my experiences in Ushuaia Argentina and also some of the adventures I missed in Antarctica. Thus the King Crab experiences at the southernmost city too.

Read: Fresh King Crab at La Cantina Fueguina de Freddy, Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

We went on to talk about my recent trip to Tasmania and the food specialties there such as scallop pies, oysters and oyster stout. We also talked about the short walks in Tasmania.

Lastly, I fumbled on the next big food hit list to go as I always wanted to go back to Kobe for the beef. Hence, I made up the story of wanted to visit the Big Apple (New York) again for the most expensive ice cream in the world, the US1,000 ice cream.

It was a fun experience and we laughed our hearts out off-air. Asha is a nice humble and lovely person to work with. It was a great opportunity to be live on air with Asha and hope to meet her soon.

If you are wondering, we couldn’t get the actual copy of the recording of our interview so we could only do this blogpost. Thanks for the support everyone!
capital fm4

Listen to Asha Gill every morning from 10 am at Capital FM 88.9.

Lastly, we must thank Kuali.com for inviting me for the show. Do remember to visit their site at www.Kuali.com and also there are some short facts on the Women Power Radio FM, the Capital FM 88.9 below. Have a great day!


About Capital FM 88.9

Taking centre stage as the ONLY radio station that addresses women in providing women a voice and a hub to exchange thoughts and opinions, Capital FM runs with its new tagline of Women – The New Capital. We aim to act as a sounding board as well a platform for introducing topics addressing the emotional and intellectual needs of women.

We strive to provide timely and relevant information from modern women to modern women and no other station offers this. The uniqueness of each our segment is highlighted by the fact our hosts and announcers are all accomplished entertainers who know what to do to keep listeners company throughout the day.

With a carefully handpicked cast of celebrity presenters comprising Asha Gill, Joanne Kam, Xandria Ooi, Patricia K, April Kuan, Priscillia Seelan and Liang, the Capital FM promises to reach out to comfort, challenge, tickle the funny bones and ride through the hard times together with all women listeners like never before!

So, kick off those heels and sit back with your friends and chillax to the station that spins your favourite tunes! Capital FM broadcasts to the Klang Valley and covers areas in Bidor, Sungkai, Tanjung Malim, Nilai and parts of Seremban.


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  1. That’s soo nice!! congrats and I’ve always wanted to meet Asha gill in person but you are lucky to have met her! happy for you as a fellow travel bloggger 😀

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