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Samsung NX-11 Camera Review

We have been traveling with multiple cameras. From DSLR to anti-shock weather proof camera and we have been carrying a few sets while we travel. It is a heavy task. Carrying a DSLR (Digital SLR) and a compact camera itself adds a few kilos on our burden and it has been like that for years.

Recently, Samsung Malaysia offers us to test and review a few of their camera units. One of them is the Samsung NX-11 Camera.
samsung nx

The size of the Samsung Nx-11 Camera makes it ideal for traveling with DSLR capabilities.
The Samsung NX-11 Camera is equipped with a large APS-C size CMOS sensor that minimises noise, the NX11 reproduces clearer images with richer, more natural colours. It also allows the use of high ISO in low-light settings, with less noise. A large sensor also makes it easy to achieve shallow depth of field for more dramatic results. It is larger than the conventional 4/3 (four third sensors) camera at the same range. Larger CMOS sensor means higher quality pictures.
samsung i

Want to calibrate the aperture, shutter speed, wb and ev with just a click of button, check out the i-Function only available on Samsung NX camera series.
If you are not familiar with Samsung NX camera series, it comes with the i-Function. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the i-Function Lens meets your needs with its dual modes. An expert can instantly adjust manual settings such as shutter speed and exposure in the P / A / S / M modes, while the built-in Lens Priority mode lets a beginner use different lenses easily and correctly.

I have 3 lenses to play with, the 30mm Pancake lens, 18-55mm lens and 50-200mm lens. I usually travel with the kit lens 18-55mm and the zoom lens 50-200mm. I am using a third party external flash.
Having a 14.6 Meg quality Samsung NX-11 pictures are good enough for it to be published on printed magazines.  I usually downsize my pictures for web for faster surfing on our site.
edward kwon7

Picture is taken with Samsung Nx-11 with external flash.

The beauty of Samsung NX-11 is the pictures are richer in colour. It is similar with compact camera but DSLR manual functions.  There are many functions on this camera but I always keep it simple. Within days, I familiarized with the buttons and I can snap pictures fast and efficient (with manual mode).

Want to capture the beautiful landscape in front of your eyes in picture? Try the panoramic mode! Click for larger image. Picture taken at Sheffield, Tasmania.


basin cafe4

Click for larger image. Picture taken at Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania.

It’s now very easy to create amazing, wide-screen shots. Simply press the shutter button in Panorama Mode while moving the camera in the direction you want. A progress bar on the screen will let you know when you’ve reached the maximum width—just perfect for those shots that can’t be contained by a standard 4 x 6. The panoramic feature is my favourites.
The 3.0 Amoled Display is a beauty. The Amoled display is used by Samsung S2 and S3 phones so the preview pictures are in the best quality.

Brighter than an LCD screen, and with a dynamic 10,000:1 contrast ratio, our AMOLED display provides sharper pictures with vivid, true-to-life colours. And its response rate is a 1,000 times faster than LCD. What’s more, the screen remains evenly lit, letting you view the display at any angle.

A sample video taken with Samsung Nx-11 at 720p HD quality.

The movie function is another bonus for Samsung Nx-11. The camera is capable to capture High Definition Video on its 720p Mode with 30fps (frames per second). The NX11 captures HD movies in 720p resoluition and H.264 advanced video compression format. Its APS-C size large CMOS sensor offers not only detailed and clear video clips, but also allows target objects to stand out of the picture like in motion picture.

Capture both the sights and sounds of special moments. The NX11 features Sound Picture, which lets you record the music in the background and the laughter of loved ones as you take their picture. Now, reliving your memories can be a much more vivid experience

harbour bridge1

This picture is taken with slow shuttle (manual function) with Samsung NX-11. Taken in Sydney Australia.

Three months with the camera and I took thousands of beautiful pictures. I never thought that I could leave my DSLR for such a long time. Even though I’m familiar with this camera, I’m still learning with the technical aspect of the camera.

We have been traveling with Samsung NX-11 since March and did numerous food reviews with the camera. We are very happy with the unit and strongly recommend this camera. This camera is fun to use and user friendly.

Recently Samsung has launched the predecessor of NX-11 and I’m waiting my opportunities to get my hands on the new unit. I hope they make it as a “Smart Camera” with functions like Samsung DV400F. While many may not hear about Samsung cameras, you might realize that most pictures on my blog this year are captured with Samsung cameras.

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  1. Hi,

    Very informative… I have NX11 as well, and it is an interesting piece of camera…

    Just 1 question, what third party flash are you using.
    I’ve reading several blogs and having difficulty to find one.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ronell,

      I’m using it with Canon 580EX2 but I used it in Manual Mode. I think it works with Nikon SB900 and Nissin Flash models.

      Hope this helps.


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