November 28, 2023


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Char Siew and Siew Yuk at Soo Kee, Jalan Ampang

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Char Siew and Siew Yuk at Soo Kee, Jalan Ampang

I was told about the place by my friends in Ampang for a very long time. So then, a few days ago, I chauffeured my client and we had our lunch there.
soo kee 1
Located on Jalan Ampang, opposite Ampang City and beside the flyover, Soo Kee looks like it has been there for years. With good reputation, the restaurant is popular with its “char siew” (caramelized BBQ pork).
soo kee 2
It wasn’t the majestic feast or platter of meats we would dream of. It just enough “meat” for two, a plate of “char siew”, “siew yuk” (crispy grilled pork) and steamed chicken.
soo kee 3
While the “char siew” impressed us as we expected, the “siew yuk” was equally good. Crispy “siew yuk” skin with tender meat, we can’t complain and we were motivated to order for more.

So if you are near Jalan Ampang and have the crave for “char siew” or “siew yuk”, make a pit stop at Soo Kee. Park behind the shoplots near the Ampang Grocer or you will have trouble of finding a parking spot. We spent around RM 20 for two persons as the portion was easily for three.

Soo Kee Address, Tel, Map and Contact:

No. 373-1, 4th Mile, (Opposite Ampang City and behind Ampang Grocers)

Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.158449, 101.747088

Tel: 03-4257 0767

Closed on Mondays

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