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Elevate Penang with DJ Sierra Lee and DJ Hiloco Nerodoll

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Elevate Penang with DJ Sierra Lee and DJ Hiloco Nerodoll

I am always in Penang for work for the past few years. Never had a chance to relax in the Pearl of the Orient until last weekend. I was invited as a VIP guest for a party called Elevate Penang. The party held at Penang International Sports Arena (P.I.S.A.). Penang International Sports Arena (P.I.S.A.) is located at Bayan Lepas and one of the best places to stay is the Equatorial Hotel Penang.
elevate 4

Now who are the other VIP guests? 
It is one of the exciting parties in Penang with International DJs and local sensation, Elecoldxhot.
elevate 2

Korean DJ Sierra Lee!

The party started off with Korean superstar, DJ Sierra Lee. She is no stranger to our local clubbing scene as she spun some of the best parties in the country before.
elevate 5

Philippines Mocha Girls!

Then we had a break with Philippines popular group the Mocha Girls. The girls went down and interacting with the rest with games, songs and dances. The Mocha Girls can really dance and they electrified the event.
elevate 6
Next we have local sensation, Elecoldxhot. They pumped and wowed crowd with smart and perfect dance moves.
elevate 1

From Osaka Japan, DJ Hiloco Nerodoll!

Lastly, the party continues with no other than DJ Hiloco or also known as Nerodoll. The Japanese DJ spun her favourite playlist and rocked the party!
elevate 3

It’s me and DJ Sierra Lee!
With International DJs and local sensations, what can Penangites ask for? Elevate Penang! I had fun and drink responsibly even though I stay nearby. Thanks Elevate Penang for the party!

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