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Hiiragi Army at Salamanca Market, Hobart, Tasmania

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Hiiragi Army at Salamanca Market, Hobart, Tasmania

I am a huge fan of Japanese anime since I was a teenager. My favourite anime includes Slam Dunk, Ranma ½, Dragonball, Yuyu Hakusho, Bleach, Naruto and many more. When I was traveling in Hobart, I met someone with the same interest. It was a she and she didn’t just loved anime but she was so obsessed with it to the point that she created an army of her anime characters.
hiiragi stall salamanca market

The Hiiragi Stall in Salamanca Market at Salamanca Square, Hobart.
Her name is Holly Farley and she could never imagine I’m going to blog about her. I always respect people who dares and have the courage to live with their dreams and pursuing it. Holly is one of them. I met her at the Salamanca Market as she had a store there selling her Hiiragi Army.

The Salamanca Market is a Saturday market at Salamanca Square. It is not an ordinary market but a place to showcase the art, design and also food of Tasmania. You will find many unique stalls selling a wide range of items and Hiiragi Army was one of them.
hiiragi stall armies descriptions

Passion turns business. Holly created three characters for her army. They are called Berserker, Recon Unit and Occupational Force. Each single character was their unique attributes as well as their tasks in army.
hiiragi stall melissa choi

Melissa is holding one of the Hiiragi Armies, the Occupational Force with a knife, so cute.
This army dolls are handmade and each is different from each other. It is more like a limited edition to me. Each dolls had a different price tag depending on size.

There were also Hiirage Army T-Shirts, keychains and cards and most of them are handmade collectables. The T-shirts were selling at A$35 each while the cards were selling at A$ 5 each.

It is all about work when you talk about handmade items. I’m not sure how long it needs to take to create a Hiiragi doll but it won’t be easy.
hiiragi stall armies

Holly and her handmade Hiiragi Army dolls.
If you like the Hiirage Army and you are not in Tasmania, you can always purchase them online. You can check out their website and contact them at Hiirage.com.au.

We hope that Holly will continue enjoying her dreams and her passions and we would love to see the army grows. We hope to see her again in Tasmania again.

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