February 1, 2023

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Salamanca BakeHouse Hobart Tasmania

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Salamanca BakeHouse Hobart Tasmania

Where to find a 24 hours bakery in Hobart Tasmania? The answer is Salamance BakeHouse. Supper might not be a norm but I believe to have something proper too for supper. In one of the nights I stayed in Hobart, I venture the city with our traveling friends. We stumbled upon Salamanca BakeHouse as we walked around the Salamanca Square behind the popular Salamanca pubs and bars.

The nightlife of Hobart Tasmania, Salamanca’s bars and pubs. 
If you read about my experiences in Tasmania in my previous posts, one of the popular food in Tasmania is their scallop pies. You can’t miss scallop pies in Tasmania or you will definitely regret it. You can’t find the freshly baked scallop pies in other part of Australia, trust me.

The entrance of Salamanca BakeHouse.
It was not our lucky day as the scallop pies were sold out (as expected) so we had to stick with the other pies. In case you didn’t know, Australia is popular with its gourmet pies especially their yummy beef pies. As one of the top exporters for quality beefs, most of their beef pies are unforgettable.

Salamanca BakeHouse Minced Beef Pie.
We started off with their minced beef pies at A$ 4.00. The pie had soft top crust and it came with generous filling with delectable juicy minced beef.  We almost ordered a second but we ordered something else.

Salamanca BakeHouse Chunky Steak Pie.
We continued with Chunky Steak Pie for A$ 4.50. The chunky steak pie came with a different type of top crust and it also came with generous filling of chunks of beef cubes indulgenced in the steak sauce. Should we say more?

Salamanca BakeHouse Baked Raspberry Cheesecake.
We also had the Baked Raspberry Cheese Cake for A$ 4.80. We couldn’t resist the beautifully cut raspberry cheese cake. The cake was creamy and the flavoured was well balanced with raspberry. We had no complains.

Lastly, we also ordered the typical Aussie drinks such as Pura Classic Chocolate Honeycomb and also the Nippy’s Ice Honeycomb with Milk. These are some of the local favourites that you need to try. Hence, if you need some supper after a drink or two at Salamanca Square, head to Salamance BakeHouse for their pies!

The girls were having fun at Salamanca Square after supper. Hotel was next.
Salamanca BakeHouse Address and Contact:

Salamanca Sq

Hobart Tasmania 7000

(03) 6224 6300


5 thoughts on “Salamanca BakeHouse Hobart Tasmania

  1. Hahahaha…. I used to work here at night. Brings back so much memories. They do sell scallop pies here. And there are only two places that sells scallop pie. This shop and another one in Richmond.

  2. Hi Jerine,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I miss the pies there too. Hope to visit Tasmania again in the future.


  3. Why can’t I find that Pura Classic Milk in Victoria anymore. Your bakery was the last I had it a few years ago. You need to send some over!

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