February 1, 2023

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Jalan Kubu Yong Tau Fu, Melaka

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Jalan Kubu Yong Tau Fu, Melaka

The moment we reached the coffee shop, our Malaccan friends told us that they regretted bringing us there. This place is only known by the locals not for tourists. We have kept many hidden gems in the past and it is time to spill the beans.

The “nameless” coffee shop is a local favourite for a good reason, delicious yong tau fu.

Located in a corner coffee shop of Jalan Kubu, there is a coffee shop selling yong tau fu for decades and it is a popular breakfast spot for locals. So what is the big deal about this “nameless” coffee shop?

A mixture of yong tau fu and bowls of noodles and koay teows.

We ordered a mixture of dry noodle and koay teow soup with yong tau fu for RM 4.60 per set and it is only RM 0.60 for a piece of yong tau fu.

A bowl of yong tau fu came with its signature fried “foo chok” roll, fish ball and fried “tau fu” (beancurd).  

A bowl of yong tau fu came with its signature fried “foo chok” roll, fish ball and fried “tau fu” (beancurd).  The soup was tasty to begin with and the “foo chok” roll was delectable. Crispy “foo chok” and soft fish paste. The style of making the fish paste and the taste of it differs than the usual ones in Kuala Lumpur. One significant ingredient missing was the fragrant salted fish which is commonly found in Ampang’s yong tau fu.


The dry noodle was nothing extraordinary and topped with chopped spring onions and fragrant deep fried shallots.


Definitely, the star was the yong tau fu. We were glad that we were introduced to the coffee shop and we will be there again if we travelled to Melaka again. They are open for business for breakfast till everything sold out. The coffee shop is usually packed and you might need to wait for a table.  This place is highly recommended.

Jalan Kubu Yong Tau Fu Address:

Corner Shop (Junction of Jalan Kubu and Jalan Tan Chay Yan),

75300 Melaka

GPS: 2.200013,102.245812


9 thoughts on “Jalan Kubu Yong Tau Fu, Melaka

  1. Since local know the owner, they probably gave enough trust but tourist like me usually is concern with the sanitation with the small food spot like this.

  2. Hi Jesse,

    This is a coffee shop based food, it is usually cleaned and well prepared. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Hi Simon,

    I agree with you. The food above average and the price was reasonable. What else you eaten?


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