February 5, 2023

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Taman Emas Assam Laksa at Gottlieb Road

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Taman Emas Assam Laksa at Gottlieb Road

For Penang assam laksa lovers, you will love this one. One of the hidden gems of Penang street food, I was brought to this little coffee shop a few days ago for Penang’s favourite food, assam laksa.

The Taman Emas coffee shop is opposite of Penang Chinese Girls’ High School.

Located at Gottlieb Road, the Taman Emas assam laksa has been a favourite spot for locals. I discovered this place thanks to the Peak’s editor, a Penangite who brought me and two more foodies (Umei and Cheng Yi) there.  The coffee shop is opposite of Penang Chinese Girls’ High School.

The time was slightly passed 3 pm and it was at the end of the peak hour so we had the luxury of enjoying the noodle with peace as I was told that it is usually crowded during lunch hour.

For those who didn’t know, I am not such a big fan of assam laksa except the good ones. This sour soup based noodle is rated as the top seven best food by CNNGo.com. You can read about it at http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/eat/worlds-50-most-delicious-foods-067535?page=0,1

The assam laksa was selling at RM 3.00 for small and RM 3.50 for large and RM 1.40 just for the soup. The price was very reasonable.

What a presentation for a simple bowl of assam laksa, look at the colours.

My bowl of assam laksa came with huge expectations and at a first glance, it didn’t disappoint me at all. The soup was thick and fragrant and you can spot plenty of goodies within the little bowl. The portion is standard among the other Penang street food which is slightly lesser than the usual portion in Kuala Lumpur.


It was a bowl of multiple layers of ingredients, the thick savoury shrimp paste with bits of pineapple, shallots, onions, sardine or mackerel and many more. It was a mouthful of flavours and it was never lack of disappointments.

Unexpectedly, I finished my bowl of assam laksa and wanted for more. However, I left that empty space in my tummy for another Penang street food. This was indeed a hidden gem, good pricing and good food.

Taman Emas Assam Laksa Address:

Taman Emas kopitiam

Jalan Gottlieb

10350 Georgetown, Penang

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