May 21, 2024


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Hard Hat Party at Svago & Limoncello Pre-Opening

I had been some of the worst places and also some of the best places for food. However, I never been to a construction site for food. It was my first.

Last week, I went to a hard hat party at Svago & Limoncello Pre-Opening Event. Only a selected few were invited as not many brave souls dared to risk their lives and under heavy rain to attend such a memorable dining experience. It was just kidding.
svago & limoncello pre opening interior

Partying at a construction site? You must be kidding me!

It was a pre-opening restaurant party so I got to see the “before and after” of two restaurants. Both restaurants are located in Suria KLCC facing the fountain and near Starbucks.
svago & limoncello food

Some of the food available during the party.

So which two restaurants?

First, Limoncello! For those who didn’t what is Limoncello, it is popular Italian alcoholic lemonade. When my best friend got me a bottle from Italy, it took me a while to adapt the strong lemon taste but at the end of the day, I loved it. However, this Limoncello is not the drink but a restaurant.


“Limoncello, an Italian-inspired bistro, located on the external ground floor corner facing KLCC Lake and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, offers contemporary and casual all-day dining. With Italian favourites such as al trachio, large slab pizza with traditional toppings, as well as individual made-to-order Italian wood fired pizza, a selection of great Italian cold cuts, cheeses, panini, pasta, risotto and other all-time favourites, Limoncello will be a great chill out place to hang with friends, family, hold business discussions, or simply people watch over a glass or three of wine.”


Next, is Svago and the story goes like this.


“Svago, located directly above Limoncello, following the sweeping stairwell upstairs, represents a finer dining restaurant – a menu elevated to the next level to suit diners preferences and interests. The menu is not an extensive one – the focus on freshness. Offering a variety of fresh fish and live seafood, prepared using different cooking styles – for example, a simple grilled lobster, or a lobster thermadore. A selection of beef cuts plus choice of cooking style, eg; aromatica, rosinni (using ribeye rather than fillet), showcases mouthwatering Italian cuisine the way you want it. Svago intends to raise the bar on great value, delicious dining, with the dining experience it offers.”

svago & limoncello klcc fountain

With a view like this, aren’t you excited to see what’s coming?


Limoncello and Svago, the two new concept restaurants by the OuttoDine Group who founded popular Italian restaurant Spasso Milano, and German Bistro Weissbrau (both at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Straits Quay Penang).

svago & limoncello hot men

You wonder why it is called Hard Hat party? Check out our hats!


The restaurants are expected to open late this year and I’m pretty excited to see the end result of the renovation. It won’t be just about the transformation and also interested to taste what this two restaurants going to offer.


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