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I Love Adriano Zumbo The Star (former Star City) Sydney

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I Love Adriano Zumbo The Star (former Star City) Sydney

He is one of the most famous Australian celebrity dessert chefs. He had appeared in many episodes of Masterchef Australia and loved by many Australians. He is Adriano Zumbo, a master patissier and his creations are masterpieces.

I had seen him on Masterchef Australia and also heard so much about him so when I was in Sydney, I must visit his shop by any means. Coincidently his latest outlet is in former Star City, walking distance from York Street (probably a good old 30 minute walk).

I visited Star City a decade ago and it was my first experience visiting an Australian casino, the former Star City Casino. The Adriano Zunbo outlet is located at the ground floor of the Star City’s Café Court.
adriano zumbo 1
You won’t find a hard time recognizing this flashy exciting concept store. It was a fun and appealing décor which comprises a Patisserie and a Dessert train. The Dessert Train only opens on evenings so when I was there during lunch time it wasn’t my lucky day.
adriano zumbo desserts
Inside the store, desserts were presented in a Tim Burton a-like movie setting. Each and single of the desserts were presented with descriptions with prices. Every one of them is a masterpiece and they were treated as one too.
adriano zumbo 3
They were kept, store, presented and treated as a luxurious desserts. When one says cooking is a form of an art, this was the best place to display such saying. They had pastries and most notable the macaroons.
adriano zumbo 2
I had pastries for my brunch at Bourke Street Bakery so I bought variations of macaroons instead. Like the other desserts, each and single of them was well presented in special built emergency glass boxes. Those were for displays only as I received my freshly cooked macaroons once I told them my preferences.
adriano zumbo macaroons variations
I sample at least half a dozen of macaroons and the flavours were exotic and yet exciting. The Bacon flavour was unique and there were bacon bits in the macaroon. Salted butter was one of my favourites too. In case you are wondering, the flavours kept changing so it could be a different set of flavours now.
adriano zumbo himself
I saw Adriano Zumbo himself but the girl in the counter didn’t want to make effort for me to even say hi to him so I had to take his picture from far. It was one of those moments that it was so near and yet so far. I told the lady that I came all the way from Malaysia for the desserts but plea was not heard. It was unfortunate but I am glad to see him in person. I might not even have the chance to say hi but probably we will meet again at another time.
adriano zumbo macaroons

Adriano Zumbo Macaroons.
Adriano Zumbo Star City Contact, Address and Tel:

Shop 1, Cafe Court

The Star

80 Pyrmont st

Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Entry Via Edward St

Opening Hours:


Store: 11am- 10pm

Dessert Train: Closed.

Tuesday to Thursday

Store: 11am till 11pm

Dessert Train:

Closed Tuesday

Wednesday – Thursday: 6-10:30pmFriday & Saturday

Store: 11am till Midnight

Dessert Train:

Friday: 6pm -11.30pm

Saturday: 2pm -11:30pm


Store: 11am till 9pm

Dessert Train:

12pm – 6:30pm


Introducing Sugar Daddy

6-8pm Wednesday through Saturday

Pink and White Plates are $4 and Black Plates $8



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