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Ikan Bali Jimbaran Review, Jakarta

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Ikan Bali Jimbaran Review, Jakarta

I was supposed to go to another seafood restaurant in Jakarta but my friends changed the plan and we went to Ikan Bali Jimbaran. Jimbaran is a popular beach area in the island of Bali and famous for its sunset view seafood dinner. I had been to Jimbaran twice for seafood and you can read it at Famous Seaside Jimbaran Grilled Seafood @ Dewata Cafe, Jimbaran, BALI

bali jimbaran jakarta 1
They have a few outlets and we went to the outlet in Jakarta Pusat. It wasn’t the posh seafood restaurant but a simple restaurant that offers fresh seafood.
bali jimbaran jakarta 2

The interior of Ikan Bali Jimbaran.

bali jimbaran jakarta 3

We were definitely spoilt for choices. They had quite a wide range of fresh Indonesian seafood to choose from.
bali jimbaran jakarta 4
Let’s start with their signature grilled fish with spicy sauce. This was similar with the ones in Jimbaran. The fish used is Ikan Kewe (Caranx sexfasciatus) a common fish used in Indonesia for such preparations. I had no complains on this.
bali jimbaran jakarta 5
Fried calamari rings were definitely a hit. I loved the crispiness of it and you can’t go wrong with fried food, right?
bali jimbaran jakarta 6
The clamps with their special sauce were enjoyable. The clamps were similar to our version of la la.
bali jimbaran jakarta 7
We were not told about the origins but their mussels were not too bad either.  It was cooked in sweet and sour sauce.
bali jimbaran jakarta 8
The grilled cumi-cumi (cuttlefish) was spectacularly palatable. We ordered an additional plate for this.
bali jimbaran jakarta 9
Next it was my first time having the Ikan Kerapu (grouper), one of the local favourites. It was steamed and compliment with soy sauce. It was overcooked. Fish are such unforgiving sometimes. Ikan Kerapu is “Sek Pan” in Chinese in case you are wondering.
bali jimbaran jakarta 10
Then we had a couple of vegetable dishes which were not my cup of tea.
bali jimbaran jakarta 11
As Chinese loved their soy sauce, the Indonesians loved their sweet sauce. An example here was the Bango Sweet Sauce.

It was a simple dinner like I mentioned nothing fancy. The seafood was definitely fresh and it was unlucky for us not to have the local crabs. The total bill came to RP 440,660 (RM 140 / US$ 47) which was a steal. I would love to come back again for the grilled Ikan Kewe and the grilled cumi-cumi.


Ikan Bali Jimbaran Address, Tel and Contact:

Jl. Lr. H. Juanda Raya No. 31B

Jakarta Pusat

Telp: 38665776 – 3456991 3645215


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  1. The foods are so delicious in this place. The pictures alone will show you and will make you crave for more. I remembered i’m inside a taxi penang when i saw people having their lunch in a certain place in malaysia and they really enjoyed their foods.

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