February 5, 2023

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Tas Live Abalone Mornington Tasmania

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Tas Live Abalone Mornington Tasmania

We heard so much about the abalones from Tasmania Australia. Have you wonder where did they come from? Did they come from an abalone farm or somewhere else?

Tas Live Abalone in Mornington

My questions were answered on a short visit to Tas Live in Mornington, one of the leading abalone suppliers in Australia. Tas Live supplies only wild abalone or deep sea abalones.

Cecilia and Mel showing the live abalone.

I never saw a live wild abalone before. Most of the abalones available in South East Asia were either in the cans or the dried ones. Hence, it was an eye opener for me to see the live ones.

In Tas Live, they also sells other seafood such as live lobster. However, they only do wholesale market but you can try to contact them for individual purchases.


Luckily, they prepared to cook two large abalones for us. They prepared two different style of cooking of the abalone.

Chef cooking the abalone.

Firstly, the simple style of cooking the abalone. The abalone was sliced to pieces and stir fried with butter. It was only cooked in seconds and ready to consume.

I loved this preparation, I can really tell the freshness of abalone with aroma of the butter.

Next, the Chinese style of the cooking the abalone. The abalone was cut into cubes and cooked with their special sauce. To be frank, I preferred the earlier style as I thought it was simpler and fresher.

The abalone was slightly rough because it was cut into cubes and the special sauce was heavily influenced the taste of the abalone.

They offered the dried and fresh abalones for sale. I would prefer to purchase the fresh ones but the traveling time didn’t permit me to do so.

If you are interested in purchasing fresh or dried deep sea abalones, please do give them a call or drop them an email.

Tas Live Abalone Mornington Address, Contact and Tel:

17 McIntryre Street, Mornington 7018

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +61(0)3 6245 1744

Fax: + 61(0)3 6245 1766





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