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Palm Paradise Resort Review, Krabi

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Palm Paradise Resort Review, Krabi

Where is the best place to stay in Krabi for big groups? That was our problem when there were twenty of us. After days of searching of best deal, we chose Palm Paradise Resort in Aonang thanks recommendation from my friends.
palm paradise resort krabi
Credit to my sister Adeline who did the arrangement as well as the booking and we had a great deal for the group booking. Thanks to Steven Ng too for the contact.
palm paradise resort main building
The resort is located in Aonang but some distance to the beach. However, they offered tuk-tuk services to Aonang beach and you can arrange your trip at the hotel lobby.
palm paradise resort krabi swimming pool
The resort had two sections, the rooms section on the main building and the chalets section near the swimming pool. We stayed in the chalet.
palm paradise resort krabi walkway
The chalets were located near the swimming pool and a good five minute walk will reach the chalets.
palm paradise resort krabi chalet
The chalet had cute or unique design. Each chalet had a little “balcony” and completed made from wood.
palm paradise resort krabi chalet bed
The interior of the chalet looked clean, spacious and contemporary. It had wooden flooring, air conditioned and came with a small sofa, working table, LCD TV, DVD player and the basic amenities.
palm paradise resort krabi chalet sofa
Luckily they had phones or else it would be a long walk to the main building.
palm paradise resort krabi bathroom
The bathroom was beautiful. It was fully white and it was a semi open concept with see through ceiling windows. Hence, they smartly planted the trees near the windows so basically it was almost completely covered. The bathroom came with a bath tub and water heater.
palm paradise resort krabi overview
It was quiet and peaceful at night. As every chalet was quite a distance to each and other, we enjoyed our evening in our chalet.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Palm Paradise Resort. Even though the location was not ideal but they offered free tuk-tuk services to compensate that. The breakfast was a basic American – Thai style breakfast and they offered FREE Internet services near the lobby. We had a mixed review for the service staffs, there were a few hiccups from their front desk or else it would be perfect. The tours packages offered by them were surprisingly reasonable as it was comparable to the tour agents from Aonang. We had a great deal with the group bookings so we had a bargain.

Palm Paradise Resort Review, Krabi Address, Tel and Contact:

Address : 165 Moo 3, Aonang Sub-district, Muang District, Krabi Province 81000 Thailand

Telephone : +66 (0) 75 661 667 | Fax : +66 (0) 75 637 185, | Mobile : +66 (0) 83 107 2510 , +66 (0) 81 567 3321

Email : [email protected], [email protected]



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  1. Krabi Resort charms are perfect sandy, coral fringed, beaches and tropical islands, but don’t forget what’s on offer inland. You book several months in advance. Because of this we have started to include hotels in Krabi Resort and Ao Nang. At Krabi Resort Town, our staff provides consistent, friendly and reliable services. Each of our rooms becomes’ private balcony. Transfer service round trip from Krabi International airport to Resort, Except Green Season and Not applicable Phuket Airport etc. The Krabi Resort is located very near Thara park and the within walking distance to the city’s night life, including the Krabi river.

  2. hi, and thanks for the helpful review!

    i’m going to stay at the palm paradise with my husband in february, so this was very informative for us 🙂
    i have read all your posts about Thailand, and enjoyed reading those very much. i’m going to travel there for the first time, so i’m very interested in everything 😀 can’t wait to get there!

    greetings from Finland 🙂

    1. Hi Anei,

      Good morning, it’s hot and sunny today in Malaysia. It is the best hot weather to travel to Krabi at this time of the year. I hope you read my other travel posts of Krabi. Have an enjoyable holiday in Krabi, you will love it!

      Happy New Year!


  3. Hi Wilson,
    Thanks for the review. I just booking for 3 nights at this place. I’m going to Krabi next month. Hopefully i will have a great experience as you had.


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