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Ashgrove Cheese Farm Elizabeth Town Tasmania

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Ashgrove Cheese Farm Elizabeth Town Tasmania

Staying in Australia for a year and also a few more visits to Down Under, I never actually visited a Cheese Farm before, how embarrassing! I was invited to visit Charles Sturt University cheese factory by my university pals during my studies there but it didn’t happen and it was only recently I visited a cheese farm for the first time in Australia.
ashgrove farm

 This is where the cheese came from. The farm is located beside the Ashgrove Cheese Farm.

Along the Bass highway of Elizabeth Town, Tasmania there is a popular cheese farm named Ashgrove Cheese Farm. The landscape surrounding the farm was herd of beautifully raised cows.
ashgrove cheese 2The Ashgrove Cheese Farm.

Superb traditional English country cheeses, such as Cheddar and Lancashire, are produced by a family that lives close to the land, at the Ashgrove property, near Deloraine. Cheesemaker Jane Bennett honed her skills in England before putting them to good use in the family business.

ashgrove cheese for sale

Some of the cheese products available for sale.

Despite adhering to traditional techniques, she has not been afraid to push the boundaries, producing niche products such as wasabi cheese and lavender cheese. The cheese-tasting area is set in green pastures that sustain the 700-strong herd.

ashgrove cheese 1
The cheese room was massive and impressive as hundreds of blocks of cheese were stored there. It was a sight!

ashgrove cheese selections
If you are traveling from Launceston to Hobart, you shouldn’t miss this. The entrance is free and the tasting is free but one thing for sure, you will end up buying blocks of delicious Tasmanian cheese.
ashgrove ice cream
Almost forget to mention that their homemade ice cream was a pure glutton!


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Ashgrove Cheese Farm Elizabeth Town Tasmania, Tel and  Address:

6173 Bass Highway, Elizabeth Town, Tasmania 7304

Phone: 6368 1105

Contact: Richard Bennett

Email: [email protected]

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