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Wineglass and Coles Bay Lookout, Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania

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Wineglass and Coles Bay Lookout, Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania

You have seen it on postcards and when you plan to travel to Tasmania, this is the place you don’t want to miss.  It is the Wineglass Bay, a beautiful bay formed by nature onto a wineglass shape and also the Coles Bay both on Freycinet Peninsula. You can view it by air  or hiking to Wineglass Bay Lookout Point and Coles Bay Lookout Point! Coles Bay Lookout Point is just under the Wineglass Bay Lookout Point and you won’t miss it.
freycinet hazards junction
For the best experience, you can stay in Freycinet Peninsula for a night as you will experience the wilderness of the Tasmanian wilderness. They are the only resort built within the national park in Tasmania. You can read my review on Freycinet Peninsula at Staying in a National Park at Freycinet Lodge
freycinet lodge 6

Living room in Freycinet Lodge.

For the hiking to Wineglass Bay Lookout Point, please remember to wear a proper shoe (hiking shoes if possible and no flip flops or sandals), a bottle of water and towel. The hike was relatively easy and relaxing.
freycinet tree

Beauty of the wild.


On your way up, you will be pampered by the beauty of the surrounding area. There are a few lookout points and of course there are more challenging hiking course such as the hiking path to Mount Amos (454m).
Freycinet beetle marks

Beetle marks on the tree trunk.

On my way up, we stumbled upon on an interesting tree. The bark of the tree was peeled off and there were markings left by the local beetles. The markings were like zig zag as explained by our guide, Diana. We had never seen things like this before.
freycinet coles bay

Coles Bay panoramic view.

We stopped at the Coles Bay Lookout point and you can easily spot Freycinet Lodge and the infamous Saffire Freycinet, the most luxurious resort in Freycinet.

Freycinet wineglass bay

Hello Wineglass Bay!

If you want to venture more than the Wineglass Bay Lookout you can hike at Wineglass Bay which is 1.5km away.

freycinet wineglass bay lookout

Wineglass Bay panoramic view.

After forty minutes of hiking, we reached the Wineglass Bay Lookout Point. The moment was like the music “Take my breath away by Berlin” as I was gasping air and it was sign for me to work out more often. The view was breath taking and you can judge it by yourself from the picture below.
Freycinet lookout point

When you have a group of friends, this are the things you do!

We spent some time at the lookout point waiting for the rest. This was an easy hike and it took me 40 minutes, I can’t imagine if I’m going to hike Mount Kinabalu. The Tasmanian trip was earlier this year in March during the Fall season. The sky was perfect blue and it looked amazing in pictures. As I mentioned earlier, spent a night in Freycinet and you will not regret it!

Freycinet group

Missed you girls! We had fun traveling!

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