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Best Street Food in Asia

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Best Street Food in Asia

Asia is a popular destination for those looking to experience cultures that are dramatically different than their own.  One of the best ways to experience some of the culture of Asia is through its food, and specifically its street food.  For those of you not familiar with the concept of street food, think about your local hot dog vendor and then add the diversity and quality of food in New Orleans.  Today we take a look at couple of the best places to experience street food in Asia.


Taipei is considered among the top cities in Asia when it comes to street food.  Whether day or night, shop all around the city sell a variety of items but it is the food that is the real draw  The city’s street food has roots in mainland China, but the vendors of the area have put their own style into the dishes.

Among some of the dishes to try include Shen jian bao, chou doufu, and Hujiao bing.  Sheng jian bao are pork dumplings that have a topping of toasted, nutty sesame seeds.  Chou doufu, also known as stinky tofu, is fermented to give a great taste and frankly pungent odor.  Go for the chou doufu that is handmade.

Hujiao bing are really mini-meat pies that are made with whole wheat buns and stuffed with minced pork, green onions, and tons of ground black pepper.


If you ever go to Bangkok, don’t worry about going to a restaurant because you will find more than you ever want to eat on the street.  It is a integral part of the local custom and is designed around the Thai tradition of eating numerous small meals through the day.

You can never miss Tom Yum Goong in Bangkok.
Pad see ew, Som tam, and Khao pad poo are all dishes you should try while in Bangkok.  Pad see ew is stir-fried fresh rice noodles with Chinese broccoli in soy sauce.  It is considered comfort food by the locals.

Som tam is a salad made with unripe green papaya but can be made in many variations.  Som tam made with peanuts has a sweet taste to it that many love.  Khao pad poo may seem like fried rice, but it is unlike any fried rice you have ever had.  It is Jasmine rice made with bits of crab, egg, and fresh lime.


I will pass on Kuala Lumpur for Penang for this. Penang is a food haven that needs no introductions. Some of its street food had been voted as world’s best which includes the infamous assam laksa.
medan selera kuey teow

The best char kuey teow is from Penang.

The char kuey teow will make sure you will visit the island often and the cendol will melts your heart away.

The best part of the street food in Penang is they are prepared by locals instead of foreign workers. The best is cooked by the best and Penang has one of the best street food in the region. Some of the Penang street food has been voted as world’s best by CNNGo.com


Shopping, Entertainment, Nightlife and Food have been the culture of Singapore for decades. Food stalls and food courts are everywhere on the island, in the residential zone or within the shopping malls. They even have it near the casinos. You can’t miss food in Singapore.

As Singapore is heavily rooted to Malaysia, a faction of their street food is identical. However, you can never miss the infamous chicken rice, chili crabs and a sip of Singapore Sling. Other popular selections include bakuteh, kuey chap, Hokkien Noodle and many more.

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