April 15, 2024


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Sarawak Orange Durian

It is a touch of nature when I stayed in Long Semadoh Sarawak over the weekend. No electricity, no water heater, no air conditioner, no TV and no Internet. A weekend without the internet means a weekend of relaxation and comfort.
sarawak long semadoh

A common view of Long Semadoh in the morning.
Visiting some of the villages near Long Semadoh gave me an encounter with the wild’s orange durians. If you have the bragging rights of having and tasting durians like D24, D101, Musang King, Red Prawn, XO, Durian Hutan in Peninsula, you should add this to your list.
sarawak orange durian

It looks like yellow, probably too ripe? I’m not sure either.
The beautiful orange colour durians caught my attention and like the “golden pillow” durians, it didn’t have the strong smell of the usual durians. The texture of the durian is still the same but the taste is somehow unique. It didn’t have any taste at all, unlike the Peninsula’s durian hutan that has scent similar to cockroach smell. The durian flesh is soft and sticky like usual durians.
sarawak durian

The orange colour flesh is really interesting.
However it had weird after taste. The feeling was somehow unusual for a durian lover like me. The orange durian was not a popular choice at that time but if you have not taste these, you should get your hands into this one day. When you think you seen it all, there are plenty to see in the jungle of Sarawak.

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