April 20, 2024


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Halo in Malaysia

It’s not Halo, the popular game but the sun halo phenomenon in Malaysia. As I was traveling in the thick jungle of Sarawak, the entourage stopped as someone spotted the sun halo.

The sun halo or the ‘rainbow around the sun’ effect is also known as 22 degree halo. From what I understand, it is caused by tiny ice crystals contained in the upper troposphere.
halo in malaysia
Sun halo is uncommon in Malaysia and even there are a number of sightings in recent years. If you wish to view the sun halo, please wear a pair of sunglasses as a precaution. Hence it is also hard to view it with naked eye, captured this with my camera.

The sun halo is spotted while I was traveling in between Ba’ Kelalan and Long Semadoh Sarawak. It is near the border of Sabah and Kalimantan of Indonesia, in thick dense jungle of Borneo on the 9th of March 2013.

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