December 1, 2023


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Dolphins Encounter in Coffin Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Dolphins are adorable mammals. Most of the time when I sailed in different parts of the world, I met them. On my latest trip to the Eyre Peninsula, I got lucky again as I encountered a school of dolphins.
coffin bay fishing

A local getting advantage of the lovely weather to fish in Coffin Bay.
This time, it was at Coffin Bay and it is one of the most pristine bays in Australia. Home to one of the best oyster farms in the world, Coffin Bay is famous for its shallow and clean water.

coffin bay wild dolphin
Dolphins are boats magnet. If they find one nearby, they will swim around the boat as if they were playing with us. These are wild dolphins and local residents of Coffin Bay so we (with my media friends) got really lucky to stumble upon them. They followed us for almost 20 min before they swam away. If you are planning to visit the oyster farms in Coffin Bay, you might get lucky like us sighting the wild dolphins.


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