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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013

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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013

Last year was a bad year for us as we didn’t manage to travel to Thailand and Singapore for the first time in many years. We promised ourselves to make it up this year by visiting both neighbour countries this year and we started off with Singapore last weekend.
imperial treasure super duck
We were in Lion City in the quest of finding some of the best food and also visiting some of the new places of interest. As recommended by my friends, we dined at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck and the restaurant is listed on the 49th spot in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013. We dined there with Rachel’s Singapore relatives.
imperial treasure super duck ambience
It is a typical Chinese restaurant design with carpeted flooring and creamed colour table cloth and chairs. It has bright lightings but comfortable setting. The place is swarmed with waiters and waitresses and the services are highly commendable.

Super Peking Duck
imperial treasure super peking duck
The first dish of the evening was the highly regarded Super Peking Duck. From my understanding, they only sell the duck as a whole bird and nothing lesser than that. From the outlook you can tell the crispiness of the skin with shiny outlook of the roasted duck. The waiter then slowly sliced the crispy skin and left only the duck meat to be cooked as other dishes of your choice.
imperial treasure super peking duck skin
In case you are wondering, the duck is sold at $68++ per bird and exclusive of the duck meat dish. Like the common Peking Duck dishes, the crispy duck skin with be wrapped with a spring roll skin together with spring onion , cucumber and the sweet sauce.
imperial treasure super duck wrapped
I prefer to have the skin as itself to taste the crispiness of the skin. This probably one of the best Peking Duck and no arguments to that.


Seafood with Beancurd in the Pot
imperial seafood tofu
Seafood with Beancurd in the Pot. It is a simple dish but with extra size seafood such as prawns and fish fillets and the taste was very appealing.


Beancurd with Mushroom
imperial treasure tofu with mushroom
Beancurd with Mushroom. Yet another simple beancurd dish and the rectangular sized beancurds were deep fried to perfection. It went well with the mushrooms.
imperial treasure bitter melon
Braised chicken with Bittergourd or Bitter Melon. They say the best bitter melon has the most bitterness taste and this proves it right.

imperial treasure duck with crispy noodle
Remember the remaining duck meat from the Peking Duck. It was cooked with crispy noodle (deep fried sang mee) and this was delicious. The juicy duck meat was thin sliced and it went well with the noodles. This preparation cost $15++ extra.

It was simple dinner for six and we opted for simpler dishes. The total bill came to $224.57 including drinks like Chinese tea and we must thank Lynn for the dinner. The superstar of the night goes to the Peking Duck and it didn’t surprise us that many would come to order this. This is our first time dining a restaurant inducted in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 and it was a great gastronomy experience. This one of a few restaurants in Singapore that is listed in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and for more info for your dining experience, visit YourSingaporeLive!


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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Address, Contact and Phone:

8 Marina View  #02-08/09 Asia Square Food Garden, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore

Tel: +65 6636 1868



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  1. ohhh so this is one of the 50’s best restaurant ah? looks pretty good wor….singaporean must be damn proud. Malaysia food is always better but too bad they rank overall of the restaurant not just the food

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