May 31, 2023

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Esquina Carlos Gardel Chanta Cuatro Tango Dinner Buenos Aires

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Esquina Carlos Gardel Chanta Cuatro Tango Dinner Buenos Aires

Esquina Carlos Gardel “Chanta Cuatro” is one of the restaurants in Buenos Aires that offer live tango show with dinner. Live tango show with dinner is very common in Buenos Aires and if live band music is rare in the city.

During my trip to Buenos Aires, I went to Esquina Carlos Gardel “Chanta Cuatro” restaurant located at 3200. Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is one of the expensive restaurants for live tango show with dinner.

“Chanta Cuatro” opens its door in 1893 as a two floor restaurant and hotel. 100 years later, it is a live tango show restaurant. The restaurant is beautifully refurbished and still carries the details of its history with its architecture.

Buildings in Buenos Aires is quite old and don’t be surprise that most buildings are over 100 years. Argentina has a long history as one of the earliest developed countries in the world. I find the architecture of the buildings in Buenos Aires fascinating and beautiful.

You can have option to have a normal dinner set or VIP dinner set. You will not complain the dinner as most of the time your eyes will be stuck at the stage.

Argentine Tango is one of the sexiest dances in the world. Every performance tells a story and the dance moves are usually technical but yet sensual.

With the seven piece band playing life orchestra type of music, you will be thrilled by the performances of the dances on stage.

Good food and amazing performances by the Argentine Tango dances, Esquina Carlos Gardel might be costlier than others but it is worth every penny. If money can buy entertainment and experience, then you should do it.

I will definitely come back again one day in the future. Lastly, really enjoy traveling around Argentina and Buenos Aires is a beautiful city and please do visit if you have a chance.

Carlos Gardel Address and Contact:

  1. Abasto, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone/Fax: +5411-4867-6363

Email: [email protected]


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