June 16, 2024


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Sung Sot Cave, Halong Bay

We visited Halong Bay late last year after we read so many positive reviews on the UNESCO Heritage site. The Halong Bay is four hours drive away from Hanoi and you will not be disappointed by the scenic view throughout the journey.

halong bay junk

We stayed a night on the junk booked via TravelMob.com. You can read our experience at Stay in a Junk in Halong Bay with TravelMob.com.
sung sot cave hiking
On our first day in Halong Bay, we visited the Sung Sot Cave. For your information, Sung Sot Cave  is the largest cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It is also known as the Cave of Surprise from a French admiral who was surprised at the size of the cave when he discovered it. The Sung Sot Cave or the Surprise Cave is located at the Bo Hon Island in Halong Bay.
sung cot cave halong bay
It was a moderate hike to the Sung Sot Cave. We took a few stops before entering the cave to take the panoramic picture of the islands.
sung cot cave halong bay 2
We took 40 minutes venturing the cave and of course you can take more time for pictures. We moved slowly from one spot to another with our tour guide.
sung cot cave halong bay 3
The cave was beautifully lit with colourful lights. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia in my opinion.


sung cot cave halong bay 4


Didn’t bring my flash but I’m still able to spot Rachel in this picture.




sung cot cave halong bay 5


I love how they lit up different colours of lights in the cave.

sung cot cave halong bay 6


A group of tourists walking around the cave.

sung cot cave halong bay 7


Nature’s work untouched.

sung cot cave halong bay 8

Taking pictures inside the cave will need some skills. You need to balance your ISO and shuttle speed for great picture if you didn’t bring a tripod with you.
sung cot cave halong bay view
While exiting the cave, you will be mesmerised by the beautiful landscape view of Halong Bay. We spent an hour in total on Bo Hon Island and it was worth it. Make sure you made a pit stop on this island.


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  1. envy you! 🙂 been wanting to go to Halong Bay for the longest time. awesome photos you have got there.

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