September 24, 2023


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Halcony Japanese Street Performers at Gurney Drive

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Halcony Japanese Street Performers at Gurney Drive

We were in Penang for a staycation for the weekend. What is staycation? Staycation = Stay + Vacaction and we had our staycation in Park Royal Hotel in Batu Ferringhi Penang.

halcony gurney drive


As we ventured out for our own dinner with friends, we went to infamous Gurney Drive. It has been years since we ate in Gurney Drive even though I stayed in G Hotel twice last year. As usual, there were mountains of people in Gurney Drive but finding a table didn’t take us long.

halcony performing in gurney drive


While having our food, we had an encounter with street performers but in an odd way. The street performer is not local but a group of Japanese girls who called themselves Halcony.

We talked with the stall operators and they told us it was the first time they saw this group of Japanese girls. Dressed in “yukatas”, the girls tried hard to impress the hungry and noisy crowd.


halcony with placesandfoods

If you watched the video we recorded, it was simply too hard for them to sing with a speaker. Like many other curious onlookers, I went back and did a quick check on this group and they have a twitter account at @halcony and they are also going to perform at The Bee (didn’t mention which outlet exactly). Either way, the usual old man performer was black faced as the girls took away his spotlight.  What a weird encounter.


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  1. lol . . . anyways, the Bee only got few outlets in klang-valley only . . . probably need to see the FB announcement or probably already missed it 😡

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