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Authentic Hunan Cuisine Xiang Lin Tian Xia Restaurant

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Authentic Hunan Cuisine Xiang Lin Tian Xia Restaurant

With the request of the fans from our Facebook Page, I will reveal the hunan cuisine I had this afternoon. It is at Xiang Lin Tian Xia restaurant in Cheras, an authentic Hunan cuisine. It is located off Jalan Cheras near DBKL.
Xiang Lin Tian Xia shop
Why authentic?


The chef and the owner of this restaurant come from China and it is patronized by their regular customers locally and from China. Hunan is a province in China and its cuisine is usually spicy in nature. It is spicier than Szechuan cuisine for your info.
Xiang Lin Tian Xia pork belly
Sliced pork belly with vegetables. This is one of the best sliced pork belly I’ve eaten in Malaysia. Their pork belly is thin sliced on top of vegetables. The vegetables are spicy and the taste is really good. However the portion of the sliced pork belly is rather small.
Xiang Lin Tian Xia picture
Hunan style spicy sour steamed fish. This is the picture I posted on our Facebook Page and this is really good. Fish meat is sliced to pieces and steamed to perfection. Again, this is sour and spicy and if you can’t take spicy, do request for minimal spicy.
Xiang Lin Tian Xia fried duck
Hunan infamous Crispy Duck. This is hard to find in Malaysia. This crispy duck is thin sliced duck meat deep fried to crispiness and stir fried with other ingredients. It has its own unique taste but it’s not my cup of tea. This is as it is in Hunan, the flavour is not localised and most Chinese customers loved this.
Xiang Lin Tian Xia vege
Xue Li Hong Rou Mo. I know it didn’t makes sense to me either, this is what the menu written. This chopped vegetables stir fried looks simple but unforgettable.

Overall, Xiang Lin Tian Xia Restaurant offers authentic Hunan cuisine. Most of their food are spicy but you can request them to have it least spicy. Food in general is above average and since its authentic Hunan certain dishes might not be generous to our local palettes. The restaurant is air conditioned and the service is reasonably good. Price is on the high side but given the quality of the food, it is worth every penny.

Xiang Lin Tian Xia Restaurant Address, Contact and Tel:

C 1-6, Jalan 3/93A, Off Jalan Cheras, Batu 2 ½.

Warisan City View 56100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-92004803




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