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Cendol Pulut and Rojak in Bandar Kinrara

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Cendol Pulut and Rojak in Bandar Kinrara

Sorry for the least updates, I have been busy with work since last week. Today, I get a little breather so I have time to prepare a few stories for this week. Firstly, let’s talk about cendol pulut and rojak in Bandar Kinrara.
rojak shaib stall
I found this portable stall and it is quite a popular one too, the Rojak Shaib and Cendol in Kinrara. It is located opposite the Shell Station along the Jalan Kinrara 5.
rojak shaib cendol
We adore cendol pulut, the usual bowl of savoury shaved ice coconut milk with green jelly, red beans, cooked glutinous rice (pulut) and sunk with tasty brown sugar syrup. Their version is not too shaby just that they are stingy on the brown sugar syrup and the green jellies. Otherwise, it makes a perfect cendol.
rojak shaib
The rojak is pretty decent but nothing extra ordinary. They have the usual cuttlefish add on, other than that it is just the usual ingredients.

The cendol pulut is RM 1.70 while the rojak is RM 3.50. The food is nothing extraordinary but good enough to fill the empty tummy during the day.


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