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Nanning Street Food at Chaoyang Road

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Nanning Street Food at Chaoyang Road

Air Asia started to fly to Nanning a few months ago and we were the first few who were gung ho enough to explore this part of China. Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi, the same state with the beautiful Guilin.

We were there for 6 days and most of the time we were somewhere else visiting scenic areas but when we were in Nanning there is one place we often visit. It is the Nanning Street Food at Chaoyang Road.
nanning street food
This is a popular street food area and I have pinpointed on the map so you can find it. It is near the KFC and walking distance to Parkson and Imax Complex.
nanning street food local delight


Some of the local delights, not my cup of tea.
Before I start recommending the street food, please understand of the risks of having street food (not just in Nanning). There is always a hygiene concern on street food anywhere in the world and the same goes to Nanning. As we travelled from places to places we do understand the water quality and content differs from where we come from and for those who has sensitive tummy, stomachache and diarrhoea are common. This applies to me too even though I usually escaped such tough luck most of the time. Yes, I had bad diarrhoea with high fever on the second last day of my trip. It could be the water content or the street food as you can’t pinpoint or point a finger to anyone when you problem like this. I brought some medication but it didn’t help at all, I had a bad food poisoning.
nanning street food grilled chicken

Grilled BBQ Chicken, it is around 20RMB for each  bird.
So what is there to offer for the street food?

nanning street food xinjiang skewers
Xin Jiang Muslim Grilled Mutton Skewers and most of them are muslims and they claimed the skewers are halal. It is 2 RMB for each skewer, BBQ to crispiness and sprinkled with spicy sauce and herbs.
nanning street food hotpot
Steamboats or hotpots, it is good for winter time. The price is very reasonable and most of the sellers are very friendly.
nanning street food pancake
Chinese pancakes. These are delicious. Even though there are no meats, the pancakes are pan fried to crispiness with spring onions. The taste is slightly greasy with hints of salt.
nanning street food bbq taufu


BBQ Tou fu, it has the similar taste with the Xinjiang skewers.
Most of the sellers are friendly and some of them speak Cantonese with Guangxi accent. Food is relatively cheap from 2 RMB and above. There are many shopping complexes at Chaoyang Road with most notable Parkson departmental store and Walmart. There are also fast food chain such as McDonalds and KFC. There is also a Starbucks there. Have fun in street food hunting in Nanning!

Nanning Street Food at Chaoyang Road Map

View Nanning Street Food in a larger map

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  1. even Nanning is in China but I feel like their food is not Chinese food. So you eventually know which is the main cause of your food poisoning?

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