February 2, 2023

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Finding wild penguins in The Nobbies on Phillip Island

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Finding wild penguins in The Nobbies on Phillip Island

Everyone goes to Phillip Island for the Penguin Walk where you can see wild penguins walking back to their nests by the beach. Easily you can spot dozens of wild penguins marching back from the sea through the beach from wooden platforms. However, you can’t use flash to take pictures of them as you might blind their eye sight.

So where to find them? Wild penguins are wild penguins and their nests are natural habitats so they not just limited to Penguin Walk area only. Hence, there are nests in The Nobbies which is strategically located beside the Penguin Walk.

The Nobbies is a tourist attraction where you can spot the seals at the Seal Bay and also a spot to look for seabirds. However, they didn’t mention that there are wild penguins around the area too. The beauty of The Nobbies is its FREE!

Walk around on the wooden boardwalk. As you get nearer to the beach, peek at the bottom of the wooden boardwalk and you can spot the natural habitats of the wild penguins. It is usually covered with grass and you can spot the little ones if you are lucky enough.

We found a few and we had to duck to spot the young penguins. It was not long a crowd started to build and they wanted to peek at the penguins too.

From the Nobbies, you can spot the Seal Bay off the beach. The Seal Bay is a pile of rocks and with binoculars you can spot the seals. We were supposed to take a boat there but the weather and the rough seas didn’t permit us. Lastly, if you want to search for wild penguins make sure you visit the Nobbies near the Penguin Walk on Phillip Island.

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  1. Everybody loves penguins! The only ones I’ve seen was years back in the zoo and they are down to 2 on my recent visit. I love your photos! Thank you.

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