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The Grand Old Lady, The First Oil Well

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The Grand Old Lady, The First Oil Well

There is always a beginning. Same goes to our successful petroleum story in Malaysia. The first oil well is not dig by Malaysian own Petronas but by Dutch Oil company, Shell in 1910. The first oil well is discovered at the oil rich state of Sarawak in the small town of Miri.
the grand old lady plague

The first oil well is still there and I was lucky enough to visit.
the grand old lady monument
It is a state monument now and one of Miri’s places of interests. Shell also built Malaysia’s first oil refinery in Lutong, a suburb of Miri in 1914. The grand old lady is located on the Canada Hill overlooking the Miri’s town. It is located beside the Petronas Science center and it near the city center. It is one of the places of interests in Miri.




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